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Prepare yourselves. San Francisco should be drenched on Sunday with a risk of thunderstorms starting Saturday evening.

The first downpour of the storm season will likely ruin any picnic plans with between a quarter and a half inch possible for Sunday morning, with scattered showers throughout the day and into Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

With highs of 70 expected on Sunday, you might feel brave enough to dust off the old raincoat and make the most of it – using The Standard guide to rainy days in your quest for cultural fulfillment in the city.

We’ve mapped everything from movie theaters – a classic of the rainy-do-it genre – to the best places to treat yourself to a day of exploring new restaurants, wine bars, cultural experiences or a day of fun. in a sports bar.

Bar-goers enjoy themselves as an NFL preseason game between the San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans plays on TVs at the Bus Stop sports bar on August 25, 2022. | Jungho Kim for The Standard

Tired of Niners fans lamenting the replacement of their chosen idol, Jimmy “GQ” Garoppolo? Who is not ?

Why not visit Turtle at the Bus Stop, a favorite for Cincinnati Bengals fans. Turtle is an Ohio transplant who moved to the Bay Area in 2008. As a University of Cincinnati graduate, he found his home at the bus stop when then-owner Gabe Ferroni , supported him by bringing in fans to watch the games.

The Union Street bar is a loyal Bengals haunt thanks to Turtle—just Turtle, who even organized trips to London and Los Angeles for ardent fans to see the Bengals play.

If Joe Burrow’s mighty Bengals aren’t your bag, we’ve got plenty of other options to watch Sunday’s NFL action as the downpour hits, including bars for the Dolphins, Steelers, Patriots and even 49ers fans here.

And yes, there is a real bus stop right in front of the bus stop.

5 new places to eat and drink in SF

Plain ravioli
United Dumplings is launching a second location in the marina. | Courtesy of United Dumplings

This city is blessed with a plethora of amazing places to eat, but if you’ve been eating through your usual favorites, maybe these new places will give you an outlet to escape the rain.

How does Northern Chinese comfort food sound on this windy, soggy day? Well, if you’re close enough to the marina to escape the elements, United Dumpling’s new location north of town is the place to be.

Two years ago, their Bernal Heights location turned the meatball game upside down by filling theirs with unexpected ingredients like mac and cheese and truffle oil.

Owners Julia Zhu and Sandy Zheng combine familiar flavors from their childhood in northern China with international influences from their time in San Francisco – the bulgogi beef dumpling is a prime example – the perfect treat for rainy days .

If you’re not in the mood for the marina, check out other new restaurants across town here, with everything from Venezuelan to Thai cuisine.

A Guide to Independent SF Bookstores

City Lights Bookstore is an independent bookstore founded in 1953. | Photo by Robert Alexander via Getty Images

If the outside world has become too hostile for you with the downpour, you can always transport your mind elsewhere through the power of the written word.

San Francisco is home to more than 40 independent bookstores to cater to the diverse desires of shoppers across the city.

From the god of modern libraries, city ​​lightsin graphic paradise, amazing fantasyof social activism Bolerium Books to the titles used from dog eared books.

Finding the perfect tonic to feed your head isn’t a quest in the city, and if you want to quench your thirst while you do it, why not head to Booksmith in Haight Street, which is conveniently located next to Alembic , a cool spot for cocktails – you won’t even know it’s raining if you sit in the back.

The city’s independent bookstores have been mapped for you by The Standard here.

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The Standard Guide to Wine Bars in San Francisco

Wayne Ng and Brandon Eng dine at 20 Spot in San Francisco. | Juliana Yamada / The Standard

As the sky opens up and releases its liquid goodness onto the Earth, why not treat yourself and pop a cork at one of the city’s more than 60 wine bars.

We have compiled a 2022 map and guide that would suit any palate avoiding the rain here.

You could drown in raindrops with a flowing vinyl soundtrack at Mission’s 20 Spot Wine Bar.

Or be charmed by an intimate wine bar tucked away in Bernal Heights, VinoRosso, specializing in wines and bites from Italy.

Back to the Big Screen: A Map of SF Movie Theaters

The Balboa Theater is one of the last independent cinemas in San Francisco. (Photo by Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

If you’re used to escaping “extreme” weather, you’ll know that movie theaters have long been the place to lock yourself in for hours on end.

SF has over 10 beautiful picture houses dotted around the city. With new blockbusters and cult classics played in a weatherproof setting.

Why not support a struggling industry that has perhaps been one of the hardest hit by the dual advent of streaming and the pandemic.

Plus, the popcorn you make at home just isn’t the same.

We’ve built this handy map to inform your cinematic adventure.



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