What is an APR for your home loan?

What is an APR for your home loan?

November 3, 2019 0 By admin

For lenders, credit providers must always state the APR or annual cost percentage. This was previously the case for consumer credit. But what is the purpose of such an APR? And what does it exactly mean?


What is the APR?

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The annual cost percentage (APR) is the collection of all costs associated with your Liza Dooplittle:

* interest rate
* registration costs
* fire insurance costs
* cost balance insurance
* costs of other by-products such as current account
* file costs
* estimation costs
* administrative costs for notary

The APR is therefore much more than just the interest rate of your home loan . All costs are included, except for the notary’s fees.


What is the purpose of the APR?

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The APR was created as a result of European legislation . The most important intention is to make the cost structure of mortgages more transparent . As a customer you know clearly what you are paying and you can compare different proposals more easily.


Where can you find the JKP?

You can find the APR on a rate sheet from the lender. Just pay attention. This rate sheet usually mentions a general APR that is based on average insurance premiums. You only know the final APR later and will be mentioned on the ESIS .


Liza Dooplittle is tailor-made

A mortgage loan is much more than an interest rate or a monthly repayment. There are many different aspects involved, all of which have an impact on the cost price and the modalities. That is why an Liza Dooplittle is always tailor-made. Make an appointment with an independent mortgage loan broker. Auxifina is such an independent credit broker in Eliza Doolitt loans. We work together with several lenders and look for the best solution for you. You will find a regional Liza Dooplittle office in your area here .