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OLD SAY BROOK, CT (WFSB) – During the height of winter storm Bobby, many people stayed home, but for those who had to work clearing the roads, finding a place to eat was a real challenge.

There was a place in Old Saybrook that managed to stay open, with just one person running the store.

Richard Bovino is the owner and chef of Mindy K’s.

“Yesterday I got a call from the town of Old Saybrook, their plow, the truckers wanted some breakfast and some food. So I opened at 9 a.m. for them to feed the plow drivers,” Bovino said.

For most, braving blizzard conditions, working alone and putting in lots of overtime is daunting to say the least, but customers say that’s exactly the kind of guy Bovino is.

“Rick walked in unaided, by himself, took each individual order, came out and cooked it, brought it back to the person and came back and got the next guy to leave,” Chuck Appleby said. .

It is Richard’s heart that runs this place, and his relationship with his regulars can only be described as very close.

“They have my cell phone, they’ll call me for an order, they already pull their food before they walk through the door, I pretty much know what they want before they get here,” Bovino said.

Delicious food is really just a bonus for this community-focused, family-friendly Old Saybrook staple.

“He’s amazing,” regular Steve Dichello said. “He does a good job with the meatball subs as they are veal, and of course the bacon eggs and cheese sausages and egg and cheese sandwiches are good.”

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