WATCH: 1998 Pizza Hut advertisement featuring former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev


Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev not only faced the league during his years in the Kremlin, but also afterwards. Gorbachev, well known for policies like glasnost (openness) and perestroika (change or reform), was featured in a Pizza Hut ad in 1998, years after leaving office.

The ad begins with Gorbachev walking through Red Square and entering a pizza chain franchise. Restaurant patrons debate Gorbachev’s legacy and reforms. One of the guests said: “Because of him, we have economic confusion!”.

Another guest says that it is thanks to the policies of the late Soviet leader that we have opportunity and freedom. A lady hears all the back and forth about Gorbachev’s reforms and says, “Thanks to him, we have a lot of things like Pizza Hut!” “. Following this, all the customers turn to the chef and say “Hail Gorbachev!”

This was not the only advertisement in which Gorbachev appeared, however. He also campaigned for luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton in 2007. In this campaign, he was photographed staring out of the car at the Berlin Wall with a bag on his side and the slogan, “A journey brings us face to face. to ourselves.” He participated in advertising campaigns for Western brands to raise funds for his foundation.

As the leader of the Soviet Union, he introduced reforms such as perestroika, glasnost, and a crackdown on excessive alcohol consumption. Perestroika aimed to modernize the Soviet economy and society. Glasnost, on the other hand, means making information public, ending government censorship of international radio stations, and publishing banned literature.

One of his most unpopular reforms was aimed at curbing excessive alcohol consumption. A central committee resolution with the slogan “Sobriety is the norm of life” was adopted and printed in all newspapers in 1985. As part of this political decision, Gorbachev imposed limits on the hours during which alcohol would be available and ordered the destruction of the vineyards.

“The era of Gorbachev is the era of perestroika, the era of hope, the era of entering a world without missiles… but there was a miscalculation: we did not know not well our country,” said the former head of Gorbachev’s protocol office, Vladimir Shevchenko. Reuters news agency.

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