Vin Diesel Supercharges AMC Stocks, As Dave & Buster’s Rising Social Media Mentions Raise Those Afraid Of The Scam


AMC Entertainment’s actions on Monday were too fast and too furious for short sellers; while the stock PLAY from Dave & Buster,
mentions on community investment platforms have aroused some skepticism.

the ninth Vin Diesel’s “Fast & Furious” franchise installment pulled out $ 70 million in its opening weekend after going for a theatrical-only release, potentially marking a major turning point for a film industry that s ‘turned to a streaming model during the ravages of the COVID pandemic.

It was difficult to find a group of investors more excited about the continued financial success of the fictional hero-led film franchise. Dom Toretto and his cheerful group of Corona-drinking street racers, which retail investors have pledged to own in AMC stock.

The weekend’s diesel-powered “F9” box office helped AMC shares climb as much as 9% on Monday, before the stock returned some of those gains as investors used sales of post-pandemic tickets as proof that the reported death of the movie theaters has been greatly exaggerated.

“What a weekend for the big screen! Adam Aron, CEO of AMC increasingly keen on social media tweeted Monday morning.

Aron’s tweet, to which he attached an image of an “F9” poster featuring the star-studded actors of the film, then credited “F9’s” gangbuster opening “with 2 million Americans in them. AMC theaters over the weekend and 2.5 million worldwide. .

“Both RECORDS since reopening our theaters,” said Aron.

Aron, who has made a habit of engaging directly with AMC’s individual investor fan base, offering free popcorn and other perks to AMC HODLers, aka long-term holders, certainly has got a response from the Reddit crowd.

“I did a capitalism,” Rhino57 replied to a post of Aron’s tweet on the Reddit AMCStock forum. “I went to support AMC this weekend after the market closed on Friday and got the biggest pot of popcorn they had!”

While Aron’s tweet has also sparked some complaints that a resurgent summer box office is expected to delay its plans to sell 25 million new shares, Redditors would be delighted to see that the success of “F9” had little impact. effect on short sellers.

According to Fintel data, the stock remains in the top 200 short-term targets of the nearly 9,000 companies tracked by the site. Even the addition of professional wrestler-turned-movie star John Cena to the franchise didn’t scare off shorts, as AMC’s short-term interest remained at 29.87%, the same as on Friday.

Glad to see AMC’s short sellers, those who bet on a drop in the value of the company’s shares, exactly where they say they want them, an individual investor indulged in the film review of “F9” for present his case for AMC’s #hotstocksummer.

“Just imagine what would have happened if it was actually a good movie too,” Data_Dealer mused, speculating that the return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a knockout blow: “Black Widow should record a period of numbers, not record COVID numbers. “

AMC’s spiritual twin also had a positive day. GameStop GME,
+ 1.79%
shares closed on the day despite a decision by Baird to cease coverage, with analyst Colin Sebastian writing in a note that the company’s lack of a clear plan and lack of fundamental momentum made it too difficult for him to give “a reasonable stock rating recommendation to institutional investors.”

Meanwhile, like a loner in his twenties with a penchant for blue drinks, Buffalo wings, and a nasty addiction to Big Buck Hunter, retail investors were also obsessed with Dave & Buster’s … or at least someone wanted to. that it looks like this.

The sports bar and video arcade restaurant chain’s shares were a hot topic on Reddit forums Monday, with mentions of the stock symbol PLAY up 26,700% according to HypeEquity, and trading volume had already exceeded its daily average, two hours before the closing bell.

But even with that action, Dave & Buster’s stock ended down 0.7%. It comes as Reddit’s arguments touting the channel as a goal of a cheap commercial reopening were greeted with skepticism by users who saw the sudden explosion of interest as evidence of a possible pump-and-dump program. , rather than a real meme-inspired ploy.

There was no real news around the restaurant chain on Monday, and short-term interest on the stock remained minimal. Additionally, the flurry of Reddit posts promoting the action appeared on multiple subtitles, creating what appeared to be a fake popularity surge.

This skepticism was based on the fact that 2 of the top 5 keywords associated with Dave & Buster’s posts were “Pump” and “Dump”.

“Bored a little with the fake management shillings stocks, just for a little more pump before they run out,” TheColorlessPill complained on Reddit. “Just more evidence that [WallStreetBets] was redeemed.


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