Tyger Tyger will return next month



••• TygerTyger will return in November, and it promises to be “new, clean and green”. If that means more veggies, I’m all for it, although the crying brisket was a dish to remember. NB For those new to the area, the Southeast Asian restaurant preceded XO Burger in the Funk Zone building which also houses Dart Coffee Co.

••• rare company introduced happy hour “on the patio or at the bar from 3-5 p.m. for a special menu of steakhouse favorites like steak ‘n fries, dry-aged burger and oysters.” Sip $10 cocktails and $10 wines and beers. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. »

••• We usually buy all of our herbs at the farmers market, but sometimes you have to pick them up at a supermarket, and Whole Foods and Bristol Farms have meager stock. So I was delighted to discover that by Gelson take over. The other day the store had all the usual suspects, plus marjoram, savory, sorrel and chervil.

••• “As the new owner of Cork cellars—a Carpinteria wine [bar?] & bistro, tucked away in a cozy spot on Linden Avenue – Andre Jackson wants to pay homage to the café’s past by bringing back some old favorites, while expanding into new territory. —Coastal View News

••• “Vega Vineyard and Farm, a new working winery, farm and events venue on a historic Santa Barbara County ranch that recently served as the headquarters of Mosby Winery & Vineyards, unveiled its gourmet menu, farm stand and event spaces. indoor/outdoor tasting on October 5th. —805 Foodie

••• “At Rory’s in Ojai added a 2.9% surcharge for using a credit card,” J emailed. “Have you seen this before? Not in a restaurant; it’s more of a gas station thing. I don’t know if the current menu mentions the supplement, but the one online does not. The only places I see it leaked are on Resy when – or rather if – you click “Read More” under the “Need to Know” section, and then in the window that opens after you book. Since this practice is rare in restaurants, Rory should be more upfront about it. And if they’re determined to push through the credit card charges, it would look a lot less like a hidden extra if they raised the prices a bit – adding a dollar to a $35 entry would cover the credit card charges – and offered a discount to anyone paying cash.

••• Bree’osh now has challah (in plain and sesame varieties) every Friday.


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