Transporting alcohol from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh? You could be sent to jail


The Excise Department of Noida has started issuing warnings to residents, especially vehicle owners, about transporting alcohol from other states within the district boundaries as it is a criminal offence.

“This is to inform the general public that entering Uttar Pradesh with alcohol (purchased) in other states is a serious offence,” the notice reads in Hindi. “The offenders will be charged and sentenced under the relevant sections of the Excise Act of Uttar Pradesh for this offence.”

The notice is issued in the form of leaflets by traffic officers when carrying out vehicle checks at entry points. Carrying more than one sealed bottle of alcohol from a neighboring state is now a non-bailable offense, punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of 5,000 or 10 times the revenue the state would have lost from the bottle, whichever is greater.

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When the traffic police carry out vehicle checks at entry points, they hand out leaflets on bringing alcohol from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh.

A person is only permitted to bring one unsealed bottle from another state into UP at a time, subject to applicable excise law.

An official said on May 28 that a joint team of Punjab police and the state’s excise department busted a group that put cheap booze in bottles of expensive, imported brands of scotch. According to Joint Excise Commissioner Naresh Dubey, four people have been arrested.

The gang was accused of smuggling cheap whiskey from Chandigarh to Punjab and pouring it into bottles of premium scotch brands at a rented apartment in Mohali. The defendants said they used to buy empty scotch bottles from several scrap dealers in Mohali and Ludhiana districts.

United Spirits Ltd, India’s largest producer of spirits, had previously said it wanted state governments to allow it to raise product prices to offset rising raw material costs, particularly glass and oil. extra neutral alcohol (ENA).

Since alcohol pricing in India is a state affair and alcohol producers set the tariffs in conjunction with excise agencies, makers of Johnnie Walker whiskey and Smirnoff vodka have entered into negotiations with the states.

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