Tips for enjoying International Beer Day


A t2 guide on how you can breathe and ‘snack’ on this day

Snack menu

1Sourdough and Beer Crust Pizza @ The Spirits: This slightly spicy non-vegetarian pizza from Salt Lake Sector V is made by adding beer to the flour for the dough. It is baked until the crust is crisp, which is then topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, smoked chicken, and grilled vegetables. Perfect for sharing with a mug of cold beer!

2Beer and Cheddar Soup @ Canteen Pub & Grub: This creamy preparation with tangy notes, available at the City Center Salt Lake point of sale, is a bowl of heat during the monsoon. A thick soup made with ingredients like butter, celery, garlic, thyme, pepper, cheddar and beer, it’s served with garlic toast on the side.

3Beer-braised chicken and onion @ Chapter 2: Slightly tangy with a hint of bitterness and lingering sweetness, this dish from the Southern Avenue address is simmered for its strong flavors. A surprise for your palate, the braised chicken with beer drizzled on top, is prepared with a strong beer marinade. Served on a bed of boiled fettuccine, it’s cooked in chicken broth and beer sauce with garlic, onion, rosemary and bay leaf.

4Grilled Fish with Blackened Beer @ Traffic Gastropub: Served at City Center New Town, this smoky, sweet and spicy dish is the perfect accompaniment to your main dishes. The basa is marinated twice with beer and a mixture of herbs and spices, grilled and served with saffron puree and sour cream on top.

5Risotto with beer and bacon at Café Mezzuna: Taste classic risotto with a twist of drink in this hearty dish at the South City Mall and Forum, all-day restaurant, bar and café. The dish is made with crispy bacon, wilted mushrooms, beer and finished with Parmesan cheese and cubes of beer butter.

6Beer egg curry @ Zobet: You can give your regular egg curry a break and savor the taste of this rich egg sauce cooked with a touch of beer at Camac Street. The onion-tomato sauce is cooked with beer and broth, with pan-fried eggs added with dry red chili and Indian spices. Topped with cilantro, the dish is a riot of Indian flavors.

7Oh Suber Hafen @ What’s in d Name: Satisfy your dessert cravings with this innovative German dessert available at rue Camac. Hefeweizen pound cake made with beer, sour cream, eggs and butter, is served with a layer of Belgian wheat beer whipped cream, chunks of blueberries and a sour cream ice cream foam Belgian prepared with blueberries, sour cream and Belgian wheat beer. Bitter-sweet in taste, the moist cake has a creamy texture thanks to the use of nitrogen.

8@ Unplugged Courtyard Beer Nachos: If your heart craves a monsoon night snack, park at this Park Street resto bar for a plate of beer nachos and a glass of your favorite drink. This spicy, sweet and sour dish is served with a salsa topping, hot cheese fondue and a frothy beer with tangy notes.

Drink tale

1SKC Budtale @ Sab Ka Club: This vodka and beer cocktail from Topsia Road pub is for those who like a touch of coconut in their drink. Mixed with vodka, cranberry juice, and tender coconut, the drink is topped with beer.

2Pink lager @ refinery 091: Make your monsoon evenings relaxing with this colorful glass of a sweet and tasty beer-based cocktail made with mashed strawberries and lavender syrup at Salt Lake Sector V.

3Tequila Passion @ OCTA: This fruity cocktail – a concoction of passion fruit syrup, tequila, beer and guava juice, is a monsoon special from the Park Street store. The drink is topped with salty popcorn and is served on a rock glass.

4Gini in a lamp @ The Dugout Sports Club: Take a sip of this refreshing cocktail at Southern Avenue to beat your blues of the week. It’s made with gin, fresh watermelon juice, lime soda, and beer, and served with a garnish of fresh watermelon slices.

5Summer Shandy @ Club Fenicia: Refuel at this location in Sector V of Salt Lake City with a refreshing, classic summer cocktail of seasonal berries mixed with orange slices and mixed with beer and lemonade. Low in alcohol, this cocktail has a fruity flavor.

6Beer boiler @ Scrapyard: The Camac Street brewery serves a cocktail made from bittersweet scotch beer concocted with lime juice, elderflower syrup and strong Belgian beer. Topped with basil, it’s perfect for those who want to give regular beer a break.

7Le Velours Royal IPA @ Capella: This bittersweet cocktail from the Salt Lake Sector V address, made from Indian pale ale and sparkling wine, has fruity notes. The cocktail is a blend of beer, sparkling wine, fresh orange juice, Triple sec and fresh lime juice.

8Beer Booster @ Truly Publik: The Southern Avenue outlet serves a vodka and beer-based cocktail made with Maltese orange juice, cinnamon syrup and ice cubes. Garnished with an orange slice and cinnamon, this cocktail soothes the soul.

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