This new Haitian restaurant in Ottawa has a love lock wall and high-end patio vibes (PHOTOS)


Ottawa is getting a new restaurant hot spot in the ByWard Market, and you won’t want to miss these vibes. J’TM Resto Bar opens May 10, serving Haitian fusion cuisine and lots of fun.

Enjoy the coastal party vibe with menu items including a Creole lamb chop, plantain fritters and seductive pink cocktails. Make sure your phone is charged because this Instagram-worthy spot has a flowery wall with a neon sign and a love lock fence where you can add your own lock.

Pretty in Pink cocktail from J'TM <a class=Resto Bar in Ottawa.” class=”rm-shortcode rm-lazyloadable-image” data-rm-shortcode-id=”c4ecde24de72f8bc87212dfddbc61012″ data-rm-shortcode-name=”rebelmouse-image” data-runner-src=”″ height=”3563″ id=”2c4ec” lazy-loadable=”true” src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns=’’ viewBox=’0 0 4454 3563’%3E%3C/svg%3E” width=”4454″/>Pretty in Pink cocktail from J’TM Resto Bar in Ottawa.@rolandbast | instagram

The restaurant has two levels to enjoy, with a sparkling chandelier above the curved staircase. The upstairs windows are garage door style so on sunny days you can get that indoors and outdoors feel. You can also dine outside on the terrace which will have its own bar.

Hold a cocktail at the J’TM Resto Bar from the interior balcony. @rolandbast | instagram

The patio will also have a DJ booth with a bar, perfect for summer nights. On Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant pops up and the atmosphere gets even livelier with music and bottle service.

Live DJ music at the new restaurant in Ottawa's ByWard Market.Live DJ music at the new restaurant in Ottawa’s ByWard Market.@_curtisperry | instagram

In addition to plantain fritters and Creole lamb chop, menu items will include mini mushroom burgers, blackened chicken and djondjon rice stir-fry and gnocchi. Guests can sip a variety of drinks, including the Pretty in Pink cocktail made with prosecco and elderflower liqueur.

Serving plantain fritters at the new Haitian restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario. Serving plantain fritters at the new Haitian restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario. @_curtisperry | instagram

Anyone can add a love lock to the fence inside the restaurant. They have padlocks for sale and markers available so you can write your name down and try to find it the next time you come back for dinner. If you buy a bottle of wine, a padlock comes with it or you can bring your own to add it.

Interior view of J'TM Resto Bar restaurant in Ottawa with a love lock wall. Interior view of J’TM Resto Bar restaurant in Ottawa with a love lock wall. @rolandbast | instagram

The new spot chef, Chef Octave was born in Canada but grew up in Haiti where he found his love of cooking. His creative dishes are not only tasty but full of color, and complement the trendy and upscale, yet cozy setting. Mark your calendar for May 10 to enjoy this new dining experience in Ottawa.

J’TM Resto Bar

Price: 💸💸 – 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Haitian Fusion

When: Opens May 10, 2022

Address: 101 Clarence Street, Ottawa, ON

Why you need to go: With plenty of space to dine on fun Haitian dishes, you can take in the hip indoor-outdoor vibe, take your picture next to the flower wall, and add a padlock to the hotel’s padlock fence. love.



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