This country-themed gaming resto-bar in Powai is a must-visit!


Enjoy bowling while sipping on a cold glass of your favorite beverage, biting into delicious American, South American and Mexican cuisine, and an ambiance that screams American countryside at the newly opened resto-bar ‘The Game Ranch’ in Powai because it’s all about fun and good times.

Planning a fun meal with your friends or family? Well, we’ve found a fabulous place for you in town that offers a mouth-watering American and Mexican menu, great bowling, country-themed decor, a relaxing vibe, and everything worth your time and money. The Game Ranch is the newest dining spot in town, and it’s won our hearts with great food and such a fantastic vibe. We were recently at this cool restaurant and loved the whole experience. If you’re up for a tasty meal and a fun game of bowling with your buddies, check out this spot in Powai.

The Game Ranch
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Mumbai’s first countryside-themed gaming resto-bar

The restaurant claims to be the city’s first-ever country-themed restaurant and bar and features an exquisite setting with a rugged, homey feel. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating areas, and they are equally aesthetically pleasing. The outdoor space will comfort you with a lush green ambiance and comfortable chairs. Feel free to pose with the two cowboy models placed here to get you in the mood. The interior vibe is also Insta-worthy with a spacious and luxurious bowling alley, earth-toned wooden furniture, and faux taxidermy mounted on the walls. The brown shades of the decor and the overall vibe, along with the models wearing cowboy hats, scream country, and we loved it.

The Game Ranch
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But what about food?

Rarely will you find a restaurant that successfully offers both – an exquisite ambience, as well as delicious food and drink. The Game Ranch is one of those places, and that’s what makes it a must visit. From their extensive menu which features both American and Mexican dishes, we placed an order for a plate of their house Nachos. The quantity and taste was good enough to make us smile, and we loved how cheesy this portion was. The next was Fennel salad which was loaded with avocados, fennel and cherry tomatoes. This one will help clear your palate and be a great choice for an ASMR-filled bite.

Since we are pizza obsessed, we had to order something from their pizza section. ‘talk about the city was what we settled with, and happy to see how this cheesilious the pizza turned out to be. Loaded with onions, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and bell pepper, this wood fired pizza was cooked in front of us and tasted divine. A must for pizza lovers.

But if you are a seafood lover in Lobster with this try their huge lobster Thermidor. The lobster meat in the creamy Thermidor sauce was cooked to perfection and was pure bliss for our taste buds. Served with crispy fries and salad, it was the most loved dish on the table. Apart from this, another entree that seafood lovers can go ahead with is Saffron prawnswhich were soft, big and juicy.

The Game Ranch
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Desserts and more

Between messy bites, we cleaned our palates with the house cocktails ‘Chipotle Picante and The Alamo (a drink on fire). If you plan to keep it sober, so go ahead with their bestseller Raspberry and grapefruit juice. With all this watch your favorite show, live matches or the WWF as there are multiple screens inside. And if that all sounded like fun, host a get-together and enjoy the raunchy music while devouring their barbecue platters.

As we had a wonderful time in this resto-bar, Local Samosa gives it 10/10.

Where: Delphi Building, Delphi Orchard Avenue, Unit No. 2, B-Wing, 1st floor, Hiranandani Gardens, Panchkutir Ganesh Nagar, Powai.
12 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.
Price for two: Rs.2,000

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