The best alcohol out of India in 2021


The latest handcraft from the makers of Woodburns Whiskey and Pumori Gin is inspired by a secret village called Segredo Aldeia in Goa. Located along the banks of the Mandovi River, the village was considered the center of people who loved to make rum. The Esprit comes in two editions, a white rum and a coffee rum made from a combination of cane and jaggery. If you like your smooth and creamy rums, you will love this white rum with a dry finish with lingering notes of caramel and vanilla. The coffee rum is slightly sweet on the palate with notes of coffee and dark chocolate.
Segredo Aldeia is available in Goa and Mumbai. White rum (Rs 1,500 in Goa, Rs 2,800 in Mumbai; Café Rum (Rs 1,650 in Goa, Rs 3,050 in Mumbai)

Tamras Gin

Tamras, the newest gin to come out of Goa, is a unique blend of whole citrus fruits, angelica root, Moroccan coriander seeds, green and black cardamom, lemon verbena, cubed chili peppers from Indonesia, Egyptian grapefruit, Nilgiri tea, lotus flower and seeds. The best part is you can drink your gin and see it made too. Tamras Gin Distillery is open to customers to visit the space, where gin is made. You can then head to the outdoor lounge and sip G&T straight from the stills.
Tamras is available across Goa at Rs1,950 for a 700ml bottle. It will be available in Mumbai by mid-January. The distillery tour will include tastings, infusion samplers, and signature services. The tours will launch in January and will cost Rs 1,800 per person.

Specter of Amrut 004

Earlier this month, Amrut released the world’s first multi-wood single malt whiskey. Amrut Spectrum 004 is aged in a barrel made from four different types of oak. The dark honey colored alcohol has strong smells of dried fruit and Christmas pudding with coconut cream and vanilla. The flavors are jammy and syrupy. It has a hint of spice with hints of vanilla pudding and the texture is creamy.
New Limited Bottle Version of Spectrum 004 will see 600 bottles available in Bengaluru, priced at Rs12,999


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