The American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association (AAFSA) facilitates the sale of international producers of non-alcoholic spirits in the United States


First in the industry to exclusively target members of the non-alcoholic spirits industry and to assist interested foreign producers in selling their non-alcoholic spirits in the United States.

Melbourne, Fla .– (Newsfile Corp. – September 23, 2021) – As the premier organization focused on non-alcoholic spirits, AAFSA’s mission is to make Americans healthy and happy. Its main goal is to smoothly introduce a wide selection of alcohol-free spirits from around the world to US markets.

American Non-Alcoholic Spirits Association

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AAFSA offers a simplified solution for all foreign producers of non-alcoholic spirits to offer their products for sale in the US markets. An opportunity to expand and present their unique products to a growing positive and health conscious culture, in a practical and cost effective manner.

As the demand for non-alcoholic spirits in the United States increases due to health trends, there is a potential market demand for various quality non-alcoholic spirits. To enter the United States market, one must adhere to the high quality standards set by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These quality standards ensure that only the best products enter the US markets.

AAFSA – The American Alcohol Free Spirits Association will guide international beverage companies through the process of FDA registration and labeling of products under US law to enter the US market.

According to the Food and Drug Administration

  • Imported food must follow the same laws and regulations as food produced in the United States.

  • It must be safe and contain no prohibited ingredients.

  • Labeling and packaging must be informative and truthful.

  • Labeling information in English or Spanish in Puerto Rico.

  • All imported food should be considered interstate trade.

AAFSA can help meet these requirements and provide support and guidance through a community of professionals dedicated to non-alcoholic spirits.

Non-alcoholic spirits producers, brand owners, suppliers and retailers around the world are all welcome.

Benefits of joining AAFSA

  • Information easily accessible through our member portal of our online knowledge base.

  • Support thanks to the wealth of expertise and experience of our staff.

  • Opportunities for producers of all sizes to participate in issues that affect individual businesses and industry through our committee structure.

  • Invaluable opportunities for networking, policy development and sharing of best practices at our events.

  • A range of publications and research data that can be used to train employees or use with external stakeholders.

  • A range of services, advice and guidance applicable to the industry.

Services, advice and guidance

  • Market information database.

  • Industry statistics.

  • New label design.

  • Product development ingredients.

  • Compliance Advertising Compliance.

  • Pressure.

The AAFSA aims to promote and facilitate communication and understanding among industry members and various government departments in the United States or abroad.

Publications & Research

  • Bottling plants to visit the producers.

  • Map of budget submissions.

  • Analysis of sales of alcohol-free spirits.

  • Economic impact of alcohol-free spirits.

  • Manufactured in the United States.

  • Sustainability strategy for alcohol-free spirits.

AAFSA also offers different levels of membership based services for your market needs. To learn more about the right level of service for your business needs, please visit us at AAFSA – AMERICAN ALCOOL-FREE SPIRITS ASSOCIATION (

The American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association is a champion of the alcohol-free spirits industry. Reinforced by a community of industry-specific professionals who share their experience, knowledge and resources. AAFSA offers advice, documentation, connections, expertise and resources to successfully launch your products.

Connect with the American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association at

Contact: Reynald Grattagliano
Telephone: +1 917 6577126
Email: [email protected]

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