Restaurant locks down after robot threat


During the week of November 15-21, Westman RCMP dealt with 44 law enforcement activities.

November 15 – RCMP were sent to Elkhorn twice for a break and enter report. The caller reported that someone was in his basement. Police determined no entry was obtained and no one was in the basement. Drugs are thought to be a factor.

November 15 – The RCMP received a report of a theft at Sunrise Credit Union in Virden. The caller reported that his debit card was abandoned and got stuck while trying to use the ATM. The debit card was then stolen by an individual who used chopsticks and eraser to steal the card. The card was then used in several companies. The investigation is ongoing.

November 15 – RCMP sent to Virden for a report that someone named “Mark” called Boston Pizza and placed an order for pizza and wings. He only gave his first name and a fake number which was not in service. He said when he arrived he was not going to pay for his food, that he had a gun in his car and that he would rob the restaurant. The employees did not prepare the food and locked the doors until the police arrived. Mark didn’t end up frequenting the restaurant. Employees said they had received numerous prank calls in recent times.

November 18 – A traffic stop was called in Pierson. Police learned that the vehicle was being driven by a disqualified driver. The 22-year-old driver was fined $ 672 and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

November 18 – RCMP dispatched to Virden with a suspicious person report. The individual was located and took him to the homeless shelter.

November 19 – RCMP sent to Sioux Valley with a golf club assault report. The accused fled the residence before the police arrived. Following the investigation, it was determined that an assault had taken place. An arrest warrant is requested against the accused.

November 19 – RCMP dispatched to Virden with a report of a vehicle in the ravine. As a result of the investigation, there were reasonable grounds to believe that the driver of the vehicle was impaired by alcohol. He was arrested for impaired driving of transportation and read the breath request. Two 230 mg / 100 ml samples were obtained (almost three times the legal limit). The driver was released at a later court date and his vehicle was impounded.

November 21 – The RCMP responded to a report of an assault with a weapon in Sioux Valley. Upon investigation, it was determined that the victim was hit with a brick and sustained head injuries. The suspect had fled the scene before the police arrived. Attempts are currently underway to locate the suspect.

Seven traffic control measures were taken during this reporting period

Cpl. Kevin Bruce, Virden RCMP


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