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I moved to Madison in 2012. We would go to the now closed Plan B and watch “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on Monday nights and drink $ 5 martinis. There was always a drag queen who sort of animated the show. Some of my college friends were there, and we remembered (about) when I first dragged.

The drag queen came over and said, “Oh my god you’ve got great assets, you should be dragging.” And I said, ‘Oh, no, I wouldn’t do that.’ Then I had another martini, and I asked him if I was dragging what my drag name should be.

A little later she came back and said my name would be Bianca. I said, ‘Beyoncé?’ and she said, ‘Oh, no, you can never be Beyoncé.’ She said she would love to take me shopping.

So I went shopping with her the next day, and we had makeup done. Then we went to get my first wig.

Have you continued to drag on the pandemic?

I have been booked a lot, and everywhere. I have produced many shows and hosted bingo every week in many different places. I’m busy. So I kind of took the pandemic as a time to take a step back, because I needed it.

But it got to a point where I was missing some drag. At the time, I was living with my drag queen sister Kendra Banks. I had a bingo cage at home and traveled everywhere with it. We had this idea: since we are ordered to stay at home, why not just go live on Facebook and play bingo with people?


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