Popular halal Korean fried chicken restaurant NeNe Chicken opens in Paya Lebar with Korean pizzas and more


Chicken NeNe in Superior Paya Lebar

Chicken NeNe is a household name, known for its halal-certified Korean fried chicken, burgers and other fast Korean dishes, but its latest outlet in Superior Paya Lebar brings something new to the menu━Korean-inspired pizzas.

With over 1,000 outlets in South Korea alone, and six in Singapore, you could say that NeNe Chicken is the authority on Korean fried chicken. This most recent, however, is the only outlet that serves pizza, cooked in their own pizza oven.

nene chicken - showcase

More than that, this new space is almost a replica of NeNe Chicken’s Korean outlets, from the store decor to its location. Set along a row of shophouses, stroll through the bright yellow storefront and you’ll feel exactly like dining at NeNe Chicken Korea!

nene chicken - pizza oven

Prices for personal 9-inch cook-to-order pans start from just $12.90, with toppings including their proprietary Fiery Fried Chicken, grilled unagi and more.

Unlike typical tomato or cream bases, deli meats and the like, NeNe Chicken’s Korean pizza toppings marry the Italian dish with Asian flavors for a unique accompaniment to your next Korean fried chicken meal.

nene chicken - kimchi pizza topping

Each thick crust pizza is handmade to order with a full crust━this gives a nice earthy edge to the pie, so you’d be eating healthier without knowing it!

chicken nene - mayonnaise on pizza

All pizzas are finished with freshly baked Japanese mayonnaise, which lightly melts into the hot pizzas and gives each bite its distinctive flavor.

chicken nene - hot and fiery chicken pizza

If you can’t decide between fried chicken and pizza, the Fiery Fried Chicken ($21.90) should be your choice. Boneless chicken tenders are drizzled with an addictively spicy and sweet-sticky sauce, which mayonnaise and cheese have taken over.

nene chicken - kimchi pizza detail

Then there is Kimchi ($19.90), generously garnished with the fermented vegetable. It’s especially more indulgent with mayonnaise, especially after the cooking process has accentuated the savory goodness of the kimchi.

nene chicken - unagi pizza

Rather than the same old unagi don, consider NeNe Chicken’s Grilled Unagi ($28.90) pizza for a modern take on grilled eel. Alternatively, a child-friendly option is the Chicken Bulgogi ($17.90)topped generously with tender pieces of lightly sweetened chicken.

nene chicken - kimchi patty

Another new item exclusive to NeNe Chicken’s Paya Lebar release is Kimchi Pancake ($16). If your favorite kimchijeon is the ultra-crispy kind, this thicker, softer version might not be for you.

nene chicken - kimchi pancake dip

It is served with a saucer of sesame seed soy sauce, the salty taste of which brings out the tangy notes of the kimchi.

nene chicken - korean fried chicken

Of course, there is also the obligation Korean fried chicken which NeNe Chicken is famous for. Chicken parts prices start from $7.50 for two rooms, à la carte, $30.80 for an 18-piece meal, which comes with your choice of two starters, three drinks and two sauces!

nene chicken - chicken tear

Thanks to a secret method of soaking the dough, each piece stays moist and tender inside, with a crust that retains its crunch even when drizzled with sauce. Choose from Double fucking hotthe spiciest option on the menu, Soy Where Spicewhich are the classic options with a touch of warmth, or Smoky barbecue for a non-spicy finish.

Fun fact: all the sauces in the fried chicken here are imported directly from Korea!

chicken nene - ramyeon and chicken skin

Complete your meal with one of their K-Burgers, like the NeNe Chicken Burger with cheese (from $6.50)and K-Favs, including Sundubu Jjigae (from $7.90) and Ramyeon (from $7.90). Alternatively, upgrade your K-feast with Crispy chicken skinavailable with a refill of $1.50 on any set meal.

nene chicken - vibe

From now until May 31, 2022, go to NeNe Chicken’s Paya Lebar outlet and pick up a flyer for free crispy chicken skin with $25 spent on your next takeout order! You will need to place your order by calling 6222 6363, or via their online ordering platformand present your flyer when picking up your food, to take advantage of this promotion.

Ordered from NeNe Chicken Upper Paya Lebar here!

Address: 173 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534862
Opening hours: Every day from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Tel: 6222 6363
NeNe Chicken is a halal certified restaurant.

Photos taken by Chew Yi En.
This post was brought to you by NeNe Chicken.


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