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April 25, 2022

Parlor Ice Cream House will soon reopen for the season under new local ownership.

The Ice Cream Shop at 340 S. Main Ave. inside Washington Square downtown was started by Chris and Caryn Hanmer four years ago.

The family decided to sell the store to local investment company EC Investments.

“Even though we loved Parlor, CH Patisserie started to grow more and more – we’ll be celebrating our nineth birthday this year,” said Chris Hanmer.

“We have a team there that’s been established for years now, and what started to happen is that the synergy was so strong and the ideas came from so many wonderful viewpoints, we just report organic growth.”

Managing two restaurants was a challenge, especially because Parlor was a seasonal business, he said.

“I still think Parlor is a good fit for the building and the things that come online will be great for downtown in general, so I’m really happy to see that continue,” he said.

Parlor will be joined this year by Brix Wine Bar, slated to open in early May, and Maribella Ristorante, both from local restaurateurs Riccardo and Marybeth Tarabelsi.

Emma Houwman, part of the new ownership group, will lead Parlor. She spent six years working in the restaurant industry and is completing her degree in Business Marketing at USD.

“I used to go to the salon quite often. I love all of their flavors,” she said. “I’m actually allergic to dairy and all nuts, and their sorbet is really great for allergy sufferers, and that’s what drew me there. They had two sorbets on hand at all times, and that’s what I want it to continue.

The plan is to open April 28 at 12 p.m.

“We’re already in full production…because we’re hoping to have a grand opening and we know it’s going to be very busy,” she said.

The sale included a database of ice cream and gelato flavors, from customer favorites to ones that have yet to sell out.

“We’re all going to keep the same quality, which I think is really important to Parlor fans who have been coming to Parlor for a few years,” Houwman said. “Our boss was there two years ago and did all the production, so she’s the production manager again.”

She said the new owners see Parlor as a year-round business.

While all of the former staff members are returning for the season, “an extra staff or two would be great, especially on the weekends,” Houwman said.

To apply, send an e-mail [email protected].


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