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Jaipur: The rooftop restaurant on MI Road, where a fire broke out on April 6, had a fire NOC from Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) Heritage. However, NOC had a clause that it cannot be used for a rooftop restaurant. The NOC was issued by firefighters without verifying whether or not it was a rooftop restaurant.
The NOC was issued to the rooftop restaurant from March 31, 2021 to April 10, 2022. The fire started on April 6, 2022 which burned down the entire place and now it appeared that the restaurant had an NOC by the company with a clause that it cannot be used for rooftop restaurants.
Devendra Meena, fire chief for JMC-Heritage, who issued the NOC, said they were looking into the matter. “This restaurant obtained its first NOC in 2019 before the delimitation of the JMC. According to the procedure, for the first time, we check the premises whether it is a rooftop restaurant or not. For the second time, we simply check the fire safety equipment present and not in the premises. The first NOC was issued by a different officer and the records are not with us. We asked for the map of the place to find out if it was a roof or not and we will take the appropriate action.
Now, after the fire broke out, officials said the restaurant’s owners claimed the restaurant was not a rooftop restaurant that was under investigation.
The question arises, however, as to whether it is possible for officials to inspect fire equipment in a premises but not check whether it is a rooftop restaurant before giving another NOC an opinion. fire.
In 2019, the Department of Urban Housing and Development (UDH) had put in place regulations for rooftop restaurants in the city and without following the standards, how can the fire department fire the CNO.
It is also a fact that only seven of the city’s 600 rooftop restaurants (JMC-Greater and Heritage) have fire NOCs and despite two fires in the past two years, no firm action has been taken. against these restaurant owners.
Two years ago, a rooftop restaurant in Tonk Road caught fire due to a cylinder explosion. There were no casualties in both incidents but it was a revelation to many as these business establishments without fire CNOs could prove fatal one day and the government should take strict action sooner.

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