No more plastic, restaurants now serve sustainably

By Shreyashi Mukherjee

Restaurants, get creative trying to find alternatives to plastic for packaging and serving food

Restaurants and eateries across the city are doing their best to find creative, user-friendly alternatives to plastic amid a strict ban being implemented. They say it is all the more difficult since raising the prices of dishes is not an option.

Joel J, who runs Café Casavista in dasarahalli, said finding alternatives to plastic was vital because in April they raised food prices. “We can’t start again because people will stop coming. We have now moved on to using cardboard boxes to pack food. Usually things like sauce would be given in a small plastic cup, however, now we use small paper cups.

Some restaurants choose to ask customers to carry their own bags. Neil Rosariogeneral manager of the Indiranagar Exit from Three Points and One Dash, said, “We are now using aluminum foil for takeout packaging. Sometimes when the order is large we encourage people to bring their own bag as we have completely stopped using plastic. For the time being, we have also stopped the take-out sale of certain items. Once we have found an alternative, we will start the take-out service again. »

Restaurant owners have been trying to get creative by using other ways to wrap things since plastic was banned. Ashish D’Abreo, co-founder of Maverick & Farmer, a cafe, explained that the cup to wrap the coffee has a thin plastic wrap inside. For now, since there is no solution, they have created a reusable cup. This mug is made from coffee straw which is a by-product of the roasting process. “This straw is collected and sent to make the reusable cups. Customers can buy these cups and we ask them to return these cups each time they enter the store, and we will give them a discount on their coffee each time they bring the cup.

Fair weather: Rs 2L, days after plastic ban

“Currently SUP manufacturing units are mainly located in Ahmedabad and Gujarat with their supply chain coming from Gujarat. few months and those units were shut down. Now we are targeting vendors,” a senior BBMP official informed.


At the same time, stocks in the paper manufacturing and paper products sector outperformed broader stock indices in 2022, in line with the decision to phase out single-use plastics.

Experts believe that paper can be a major alternative because bamboo as a raw material is produced in abundance in the country and it is highly biodegradable.

We now use cardboard boxes to pack food. And for sauces we now use small paper cups instead of plastic cups

–Joel J, coffee maker


  • A ban on the use of single-use plastics has been notified by the Union Ministry of Environment in August 2021 and entered into force on July 1.
  • The ban removed disposable plastics like straws, cutlery, headphones, cigarette packs and plastic sticks for balloons, among others.
  • Plastic plates, cups, glasses and trays are made from single-use plastic
  • Plastic carrier bags and bottle manufacturers have been given different specifications for phasing out the manufacture of these products. For example, manufacturers are allowed to produce 75 micron plastic carrier bags until December 2022.

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