New Westshore Marina District in Tampa Aims to “Maximize Life on the Water”


If you travel to the top of the new Gandy Boulevard Bridge upper deck in Tampa and look south along Westshore Boulevard, the amount of construction going on may come as a surprise even if you follow other developments around town and think know what’s new and what’s coming to the local waterfront.

Downstairs you’ll see a new marina and luxury condo towers in what looks like a quaint little town with clean sidewalks, palm trees, and chicer white apartment buildings.

The developers are finally bringing the area along the waterfront to life after years of shattered dreams and a few false starts.

What’s Happening Now began in 2014, when Noah Breakstone, an award-winning developer from Florida who attended the Wharton School of Business and graduated from Yale University, decided this was the place for his vision. of a riverside community.

the RTC partners The General Manager chose the location after reviewing over 200 sites.

The development group is in the first phase of its construction of the Westshore Marina District (WMD), the first of six projects it is building in the state of Florida: two developments are underway in Orlando, two more in Hollywood and one other in Tampa.

Breakstone sought to “maximize life on the water,” says Britney Mroczkowski, vice president of business development, by making the waterfront the most important facility for the community. There are 159 boat launching docks, a deep-water marina (exclusively for residents of luxury tours), as well as a bay-side park with miles of walking trails and a transitional dock with 10 docks for visiting boats to stop for the day and shop or dine in the neighborhood.

Besides the waterfront, the Westshore Marina District also has other amenities. The Marina Town Center is located in the heart of the neighborhood, surrounded by all the residential components.

Open for business: businesses are moving in

The city center is already full of several shops, others will follow soon. There’s Cru Cellars Wine Bar, Qwench Juice Bar, and Tampa’s own Duckweed Urban Grocery Store. BTI also announced the opening of the Chuck Lager American Tavern at the Marina Town Center, making it the restaurant’s second restaurant in Tampa.

There is also a lot located next to the transitional wharf which will house another restaurant. Officials in the Westshore Marina District are yet to say which restaurant will open there, but there will be a relaxed outdoor bar for boaters and pedestrians, as well as an upscale indoor dining area. And a Buzzed Bull Creamery, a boozy ice cream shop, is also set to open this spring.

In addition to the restaurants, there is Crave Spa, Colorbar Salon, and Sand Surf Co. There will also be a fitness center, as well as several other retail spaces still available for rent. All retail spaces all have a modern minimalist style, with hardwood floors and freestanding shelves, wide aisles, and high ceilings.

The neighborhood will have a monthly outdoor market and regular events. It has organized over 70 events in 2020-2021, ranging from monthly markets to special events such as “Cars, coffee and mimosas”. Details of all events are available online at Westshore Marina District.

Despite all the dining and entertainment options, the development has been designed to maximize its space and quality of life.

“WMD’s design worked hard to incorporate every component to maximize life on the water. … And to have everything you want on a weekly basis, ”says Britney Mroczkowski. “We want you to be able to park your car after work and not have to leave basic necessities behind. “

Added over 1000 new houses south of Gandy

The neighborhood comprises 52 acres stretching over a mile along the Tampa Bay waterfront, and apart from the three luxury towers and the Marina Town Center, it is made up of apartments and townhouses built by independent developers. Town Westshore by Related Group has 396 apartments and Bainbridge at Westshore has 351 apartments.

WCI Communities has also built 180 townhouses for sale, including 35 units already habitable, completed in the Inlet Park development (1st phase of WCI’s two developments in the WMD). The 2nd phase of WCI’s development is called Inlet Shore, which is under construction with several buildings complete with people living there.

Of course, the crown jewels of the Westshore Marina District are the three waterfront luxury towers still under construction, with the first tower due to be completed later this year.

Each tower will have 17 floors and 120 units available with access to the amenities building, which includes a swimming pool, barbecues, pétanque courts, golf simulator, gym, social room, hammam, massage center and a Yoga Zen Garden.

While a lot is done, there is still a lot to do, according to Paola Luspa-Abbott, president of Top of Mind Public Relations. “We are in the first phase of the Marina Pointe and Marina components of ADM.

“We expect residents to begin moving into the first Marina Point tower in the summer of 2022.” The first phase of the marina will also be completed at that time.

The Westshore Marina District is considered a fantastic addition to an already booming area of ​​South Tampa and is one of the many transformation projects on Westshore Boulevard south of Gandy and much of the city. of Tampa.

Dining, entertainment, and the “way of life on the water” are sure to generate new income for the city, attract new residents and provide entertainment for them as well as for Tampanians.


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