Mumbai: restaurants can stay open until midnight, shops until 11 p.m.


Amid a sustained decline in Covid-19 cases in the city, the BMC said on Tuesday that the state government’s directive to ease restrictions and the decision to extend the opening hours of restaurants and stores from the current 10pm cut-off time will be implemented in its jurisdiction.

Now restaurants and eateries in Mumbai can stay open until midnight while shops and other establishments are allowed to operate until 11pm due to the holiday season with immediate effect.

A government notification released Tuesday by Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte said restaurants and establishments are required to adhere to appropriate Covid behavior and ensure that service providers, as well as visitors, are vaccinated.

“As a result of the upcoming festival season, it is now estimated that restrictions on the operating time of various establishments such as stores, restaurants and hotels, etc. », Indicates the order.

Mumbai reported 313 new cases of Covid-19 and four deaths on Tuesday.

The state government announced on Monday that amusement parks, with the exception of water rides, would resume operations from October 22. A decision on water parks will be made at a later date.


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