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This video posted on Instagram shows how a restaurant in Delhi serves a unique type of roller ice cream that weighs 90 kg in total.

If you love desserts and have a sweet tooth, chances are you’ve tried ice cream rolls before and are even a fan of them. But this video posted on Instagram shows how ice cream rolls are taken to a whole new level when a roller is involved in the process of making these ice creams.

The video was posted by food blogger Lakshay Talreja who runs The Foodies Hub page on Instagram. In the caption of the video, he details that this video was shot at Vaishno Chaat Bhandar which is located in Kamla Nagar, Delhi. It opens to show how 90 kilograms of ice are first crushed and then put into a roll.

Once done, the roller continues to roll, as the person making the roller ice cream continues to add more and more layers to it with different types of flavoring agents and syrups. One can easily identify rose syrup and chocolate syrup among the other ingredients that go into making this unique roller ice cream, which Talreja says weighs 90 kilograms. In the caption of this video, he explains, “A plate costs only Rs. 60 and is definitely worth trying.

Watch the making of roller ice here:

This video seems to have struck a chord with most internet users who want to try it out. Since being posted on Instagram about three days ago, the video has already garnered over 25,500 likes and several positive comments.

“New concept, would love to try,” one Instagram user commented. “This is so good,” posted another. “Awesome,” posted a third. Many more took to the comments section to flood it with fire or heart emojis. “That looks fabulous,” commented a fourth.

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