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The new location in Hoi Pong Street

Nikolai Smirnov told BUZZ that his bar/restaurant Momentai, originally located on the waterfront near the pier, will reopen in April as a smaller venue in a new location.

Momentai, one of Sai Kung’s most popular venues, was forced to close in August last year when the government refused to renew its lease. The new venue, according to Smirnov, will be “smaller, leaner and meaner, but still an open-air, waterfront bar and restaurant.” The new restaurant will be located in premises recently vacated by Mike’s Chicken on Hoi Pong Street (or Sai Kung “Seafood Street”).

The old Momentai near the pier

Smirnov adds, “We can’t wait to be back in Sai Kung to deliver the now iconic Momentai experience of drinking by the water! The new place is much smaller but still outdoors and by the water, which will keep the spirit of the original much the same.

Niko, his business partner Courtney Horwood and the old Momentai’s 12 tap copper beer tower

“The smaller size, lower rent and reduced staff will allow us to maintain high standards of service and quality throughout the changing seasons, waves of COVID and rainy days, which are just a few. of the challenges we faced at the original location as a freelancer. Restaurant. We are excited to be back after learning a ton of new things with our new venue in Mong Kok.”

Graceland, Mong Kok

While exiled from Sai Kung, Smirnov and his partners opened Graceland in Mong Kok, a Memphis, Tennessee-themed restaurant and bar.


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