Menomonee Falls Art Lounge to Become Haunted Hotel and Tavern


Sue Corkum remembers hearing, seeing and feeling strange things and feelings in the historic Klondike building on Main Street in downtown Menomonee Falls, where she owned her art gallery.

Once, she was in the basement, and she saw a green light come out of nowhere and go up to the ceiling.

Another time, she was at the back of her studio when she saw two women. She realized then that she could only make out their heads; there were no bodies attached.

Once, when her husband, Tim, was operating the cafe in the gallery, he saw one of the coffee handles move by itself.

In 2012, she brought in Cream City Paranormal – a group that hunts and searches for ghosts – to investigate. They sat in the basement of the Purloin Studio with the lights off, blocked the front windows, and recorded cameras. They heard activity, but was it a ghost?

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“I don’t know if this (paranormal activity) was real or not,” she said.

Corkum owned Flight studio in the Klondike Building from 2011 to 2020, until his retirement. She said it was common for people to ask – especially around Halloween – if there were any ghosts there.

The Haunted Hotel and Pub Crawl, from 8 p.m. to midnight on October 30, might be an opportunity for people to check it out.

Art Lounge is located in the historic Klondike Building in downtown Menomonee Falls.  On October 30, it will transform into a tavern like what the building housed in the early 1900s, and will offer a "haunted hotel experience."

Haunted Hotel Event

Art Lounge, a restaurant, art gallery and studio that now occupies the Klondike building, will step back in time for the event, transforming the building into a hotel and tavern as it did in the early 1900s.

Art Lounge owner Stacie Estrada said she had not seen or heard of any ghosts or paranormal activity in the building, but was delighted to provide a “haunted hotel experience” to people 21 years of age and over for the October 30 event.

“We go back to the early 1900s and turn the Klondike building into a Central, but haunted hotel and tavern,” Estrada said. “We will have interactive elements and make it a ghostly evening. “

In addition to the Art Lounge, many other bars and restaurants in the city center are planning to offer deals and promotions on this day. There is no admission fee.

People are invited to come in disguise.

Participants are encouraged to meet at Art Lounge, N88 W16567 Main St. Haunted tours are expected to last until midnight.

Other participating restaurants include: Player’s Pub, Krueger’s, Hot House Tavern, Sal’s Pub and Grill, The Alumni Club Tavern and Eatery, American Legion Post 382, ​​Water Street Pub and Grill, and AJO ‘Brady’s Irish Pub & Grill.

Historical roots

According to Wisconsin Historical Society Online Records, Nic Goeller built the Central Hotel – later known as the Klondike – in 1897.

The Central had a hotel on the upper floors, a lounge on the first floor and a bowling alley in the basement. Goeller ran the business until around 1915. After going through many owners, Max Brazy bought the building in 1923; he owned it until 1951.

The hotel rooms and the lobby on the second floor have been refurbished for use as an apartment. The bowling alley was used as a shooting range when the building housed a sporting goods store.

It has housed many businesses over the years, most recently as an art gallery.

“I loved the building,” Corkum said. “It’s the character of old buildings. I was never afraid (possible ghosts). It was (being in a historic building) fun.”

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