Meet Powerful Players in Fast Grocery Delivery: Doordash, Gopuff, Jokr


  • Fast grocery delivery is an emerging segment of grocery e-commerce.
  • Many operators, including DoorDash, offer delivery in less than 15 minutes.
  • Insider has identified 11 powerful players in super-fast grocery delivery.

Lightning-fast delivery startups are spreading fast, setting up dark warehouses in cities like New York and London and hoping to lure people into the convenience of getting groceries and convenience items in under 30 minutes.

These delivery companies are attracting the attention of venture capital firms. Online grocery and meal delivery services such as Jokr and Gorillas received $ 21.1 billion in support this year, according to CB Insights.

“Venture capitalists have thrown wads of cash at fast grocery delivery startups, but that doesn’t guarantee success – customer acquisition is expensive,” analyst firm Gordon report said. Haskett published on December 15.

Most on-demand or “instant needs” delivery services promise fast and inexpensive delivery of items such as eggs, alcohol, crisps and ice cream. Some companies say they can deliver items in as little as 10 or 15 minutes, using couriers on e-bikes.

The ground is crowded, although a competitor, 1520, recently bailed out New York City, home to a host of fast-delivery rivals. Sensing the heat from other players entering the US market, Berlin-based Gorillas recently laid off staff after deciding “to suspend our expansion outside of New York for 2021 and focus on strengthening our existing footprint at New York, ”he told Insider. in a report.

There is no doubt that running these companies is a challenge right now. But Insider has identified which executives are up to the task: Here are 11 powerful players in super-fast grocery delivery.


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