Ludhiana’s restaurants emptied | 2 owners to file the FIR against the third, PSPCL


Two businessmen, whose stores were also consumed by the rapid spread of the flames, requested an FIR against the owner of the restaurant Vada Pav, where the flames were said to have erupted, and the PSPCL.

The two plaintiffs had just opened their establishments – Bite Crackers had been inaugurated at Christmas, while the Chai Sutta Bar had opened three months ago. They suspect the fire started due to the negligence of Datta Bhau Vada Pav’s owner, who may have left an aircraft operational, causing the crash.

The owner of Chai Sutta Bar, Riya, said: “We had opened the restaurant about three months ago and suffered a loss of about ??12 lakh because of the fire. All of our electronic devices also perished through no fault of our own. ”

Bite Crackers owner Gaurav Dhanda said: “We learned that a few electrical appliances and switches in the store had been left open which caused the incident. In addition, the firefighting operation was delayed because PSPCL personnel did not shut down the power supply in time. We will file an FIR on Sunday, asking for compensation for the loss of whoever is responsible for it. “

Meanwhile, the owner of the vada paver, Raman Verma, said he was not responsible for the fire because a short circuit occurred due to a short circuit in the lines of power supply in the hallway outside his store.

“The flames could have been extinguished in time and the stores would have been if the PSPCL had cut the power supply in time. The allegations are baseless. I too suffered losses in lakhs.

The head of the Kochar Market Police Station, Kulvir Singh, said no complaints have been received so far.

“One of the traders said the fire started because of a short circuit,” he said.

PSPCL executive engineer Rakesh Kumar said no one had contacted him and staff had not informed him of any fire incidents. “The service cuts off the power supply by contacting the network immediately after reporting a fire. There may have been poor communication from the traders. The PSPCL network is located near the DC office complex, a short walk from the Feroze Gandhi market. The traders could have contacted the staff at the gate itself, ”he said.


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