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Aurangabad: A 50-year-old police officer was seriously injured after rushing to a street food stand to put out a fire when the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder suddenly exploded.
The injured officer was identified as Maheshwar Sontakke, who is assigned to the Sadar Bazaar police station and was on night patrol duty. The incident took place at 3:30 a.m. in the Shivaji statue area, located in the heart of Jalna city.
The loud noise of the explosion shattered several windows in the area. Later that day, police in Sadar Bazaar recorded an accidental arson. Authorities said the immediate cause of the fire was not known. Police were also checking to see if the stand had a fire permit to use an LPG cylinder.
Police Commissioner Vinayak Deshmukh told TOI: “The explosion of an LPG bottle left our officer with a fractured nose, badly damaged right eye and burnt skin on his scalp.
The injured man was immediately taken to hospital, but given the severe burns, he was immediately transferred to a super-specialized burn treatment center in Aurangabad.
When he received an alert about a fire at a booth in the Shivaji statue area, Sontakke and his colleague rushed to the scene. The information was passed on to the police control room and the fire department.
During this time, the two gendarmes, using buckets, tried to put out the fire, when the LPG cylinder exploded. Sontakke was barely a few yards away when the explosion took place, knocking him several yards away.
Police teams that arrived at the scene first transported the injured officer to Jalna hospital, then he was transferred to Aurangabad hospital, where he is fighting for his life.
Deshmukh said he had contacted some high-level doctors to request medical intervention so that the agent would not only recover, but lead a normal life as well.


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