LMC to eliminate yellow dots to improve Lucknow standings at Swachh Survekshan 2022


Pursuing its aim to improve Lucknow’s ranking at Swacch Bharat Survekshan this year, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation has decided to abolish all yellow dots in the city. All roadside areas where people urinate in the open are marked with yellow spots. To end this problem and increase hygiene and cleanliness in the city, LMC is ready to take strict measures to prevent people from urinating in the open air.

300 yellow points scored in Lucknow

As part of this cleanliness campaign, LMC has scored more than 300 yellow dots across the city which include places like Lohia Path, Kukrail Road, Ring Road, Faizabad Road, Charbagh Road and Sikandarbagh Road among others. All places in these areas that have turned into open urination places will be cleaned by LMC.

In the first phase of this drive, all yellow dots in these areas will be eliminated by March 31, LMC officials have informed. The capital’s civic body has also finalized teams for each area of ​​the city that will take on this herculean task. There are a total of 8 areas in Lucknow and these municipal teams will ensure that all areas are free of these yellow dots.

As part of this initiative, the municipal body of the city will also spread awareness around the same. In addition to this, the civic body will also impose a fine of ₹100 on those who are caught urinating in public. Meanwhile, even after these stains are removed, LMC will perform surprise inspections to ensure that these areas remain clean.

If there is no public toilet nearby and one is desperately needed, the person can walk into any restaurant, hotel or cafe and use their toilet. According to the Indian Sarais Act of 1867, anyone can use the restrooms of hotels and restaurants free of charge at any time of the day. It is in fact our constitutional right to use the restrooms of these commercial establishments free of charge. Apart from this, one can also ask for free water in hotels for themselves and their pets.

Swachh Survekshan 2022 will be held this month

In particular, these yellow spots play a decisive role in the annual survey on cleanliness which is carried out by the Ministry of Housing and the City. In this survey, questions are also asked to the public on topics related to cleanliness and one of these questions is related to the yellow stain.

After inspecting the cleanliness level of the city based on all these factors, ratings are given by the committee of Swachh Survekshan. Officials say a team from the center is expected to travel to Lucknow this month to inspect cleanliness work in the town and gather feedback from residents. Based on this inspection, Lucknow will be given a rank in the Swachh Survekshan 2022.


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