Kanta Prasad, owner of Delhi’s “Baba ka Dhaba” restaurant, released from hospital after suicide attempt


New Delhi: South Delhi’s “Baba ka Dhaba” restaurant owner Kanta Prasad returned home after being released from Safdarjung hospital, police said on Friday. Prasad, 81, attempted suicide on June 17, police said earlier. But then why is Kanta Prasad so famous that his discharge from hospital deserves special attention?

Kanta Prasad had consumed alcohol and sleeping pills after which he was admitted to hospital, police officials said. Deputy Police Commissioner (South) Atul Kumar Thakur said Prasad said Prasad was released from the hospital on Thursday evening.

Prasad had told police he was receiving calls from various people asking him to apologize to YouTuber Gaurav Wasan. The appeals began after an octogenarian filed a complaint against Wasan for alleged embezzlement of funds raised through donations. This led to severe depression for Prasad and he took extreme action, an official said. However, so far no cases have been recorded in this case to date.

“I was released on Thursday. I just want Wasan to stay happy and leave us alone, ”Prasad said after returning home.

However, Wasan informed that he had no idea who was calling Prasad.

“How would I know who was calling him and asking him to apologize to me?” When I saw him in the media apologizing (to me), I went to meet him. He said sorry to me. I felt bad and asked him not to say it because he is older than me, ”Wasan said.

“I never blamed him and didn’t say anything against him. I also uploaded a video to my social media account when I last met him at his dhaba, ”Wasan added.

Police received information on June 17 from Safdarjung hospital that Prasad had been admitted there. The police arrived at the hospital and picked up the MLC (forensic case) which mentions the consumption of alcohol and sleeping pills as the cause of unconsciousness.

The statement of Prasad’s son Karan was recorded. He said in the statement that his father consumed alcohol with sleeping pills.

Prasad was in the limelight last year when a video of him speaking in tears about the lack of customers at his restaurant and his financial woes went viral. This sparked a surge of cash and in-kind support from across India. The video was shot and uploaded by Wasan.

Prasad then opened a restaurant. However, it suffered losses and had to shut it down. Recently, Prasad returned to his “dhaba” and apologized to Wasan. The YouTuber visited Prasad and accepted his apology.


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