Inside Melanie, West Third’s Dim New Wine Hideaway


A cozy new wine bar has landed along West Third Street, one of the city’s most densely populated restaurant corridors. The new Mélanie, supported by a team of well-known winegrowers, takes over for the closed simple things at 8310 W. 3rd Street tomorrow, with plans for a compact bottle list and a rotating menu that looks at French and pan-Mediterranean flavors.

Melanie Wine Bar is the work of Andy Paxson (Simple Things) and Sushi Note partner Dave Gibbs, who is also behind spots like Augustin wine bar and Mirabelle wine bar. Not only have the couple already brought one of the city’s best wine and sushi restaurants to life, Gibbs in particular has a long history of intimate, friendly wine bars with mass appeal.

It is also Mélanie’s plan. The small space isn’t designed for big, noisy crowds, in part because – at just 450 square feet – it couldn’t fit them anyway. Instead, the emphasis is on an intentionally vintage aesthetic, from retro Edison bulbs and black-and-white photos, to aging wine bottles with chipped labels and stained wood seats.

Regarding food and drink, Gibbs will oversee the wine list with Shane Lopez (Augustine Wine Bar). It’s a tight collection with just over two dozen bottles accessible initially, sparkling options like Victorine de Chastenay Crémant de Bourgogne Brut to Pinot Noir René Leclerc. Bottles end at around $ 70, with installments by the glass available from top to bottom of the menu. The starter menu comes from consulting Chef Dro Dergevorkian, who has also helped Augustine in the past, and consists of small plates like Spanish Octopus, Pepper Steak and more from the Continental Playbook.

New Melanie Wine Bar opens wide along West Third Street tomorrow, keeping hours from 5 to 11 p.m. daily.

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