Inflation leads to increased menus at Texarkana restaurants


TEXARKANA, USA (KTAL/KMSS) – Rising inflation is driving up the price of everything, including some Texarkana restaurants that are having to raise menu prices to keep up with rising costs in the supply chain .

The owner of Hopkins coolerDavid Jones, says the recent rise in the price of some goods has caused him to raise prices 8% out of 9% to continue making profits.

“Chicken nearly tripled, bacon nearly doubled, avocados went from $39 to $100 a case,” Jones said.

While Jones says his menu with new prices will roll out next week, another restaurant has already updated their prices.

“As the sellers raise the prices on us, you know, we take our time and so the customer doesn’t feel a hard hit impact all at once and just a little bit at a time where it’s not too much for them to you know they feel like they’re paying too much for an item,” said Jason William, owner of Reference American brewery in Texarkana

Williams says his new menu will have $1 and $2 increases for some items, and he doesn’t expect them to increase.

“I don’t expect too much of a price hike,” Williams said.

Jones says raising prices is a natural thing to do, and they haven’t raised prices in years.

“Inflation is a continuous thing; we will always have inflation,” Jones said. “It’s the accelerating inflation we’re experiencing right now that really makes a big difference.”

While the two business owners said they believe customer support will remain strong, they also acknowledge that their costs are unlikely to return to pre-inflation levels. They also say that the taste of food will remain as good as before.

“I think most people will understand; they will continue to do business with us,” Jones said.


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