I tried Drake and DJ Khaled’s favorite Toronto restaurant and I’m already planning my next trip


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With Drake and DJ Khaled showing some love for Italian restaurant Sotto Sotto in Toronto recently, I decided I had to give it a try myself.

The much-loved place is located in the heart of Yorkville and is definitely more expensive, but with my boyfriend and I celebrating our one year anniversary, we decided it was worth it.

Here’s what our experience looked like:

The food

Antipasto Gordonia. Right: The amatriciana.

Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

We decided to order the gordonia antipasto ($28.95) and the beef carpaccio ($24.95) to start, and while I enjoyed both, the antipasto was the star.

It was accompanied by deliciously smoky grilled tiger prawns, calamari, Caprese salad, grilled eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and Asiago cheese.

It might sound like a weird thing to say, but zucchini was my favorite thing we ate all night! Before this experience, I was quite ambivalent about the vegetable, but something about the way they cooked it made it sing. It was bright, sour, well seasoned and truly an experience.

For our main courses, we had two pasta dishes: the pennete via frattina ($27.95), which is penne in a rose sauce with asparagus and vodka-infused salmon, and the amatriciana ( $27.95), which is bucatini in tomato sauce with crispy pork cheek.

Both were delicious and came in quite hefty portions. As the restaurant is fancy, I quietly expected a small portion but it was so generous that I couldn’t finish my meal.

In total before tip, our bill came to $152.83 for two drinks, two entrees and two pasta dishes. It’s a bit more expensive than what we usually spend in the evening, but considering the quality of the food and the experience, it was well worth it.

The drinks

A lemon soda, a cocktail and my stegosaurus handbag named Genevive.

A lemon soda, a cocktail and my stegosaurus handbag named Genevive.

Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

My boyfriend ordered a “French 75” gin cocktail which was around $20 and the presentation was very well done.

I personally ordered a limonata (a lemon soda) and it was pleasantly tangy.

The wine list is incredibly extensive and while you can get a bottle for around $60, I’ve also seen a listing for a bottle that costs almost $3,000!

Maybe it can fit Drake’s budget, but I’ll stick to my $6 soda for now!


Upon arriving at the restaurant, there was a Porsche parked out front in the valet area, so the fancy vibes were there right away.

The hostess area is nicely decorated and we were welcomed right away. Before sitting down, we were lucky enough to have a look at the bar where it looked like solo diners could sit, which is a great option if you’re having an evening to yourself.

The seating area had romantic lighting – dim, but not so dim that it was hard to see – and string lights that added a bit of whimsy to the whole thing.

Also, the dining room didn’t have a ton of seating, so it also had a pretty intimate vibe.

The service

Our server Zeno was an absolute gem and made our restaurant experience so enjoyable. His attention to detail and his passion for what he does is evident and I can’t say enough about how damn nice he was to us.

From making sure our water was refilled to trying to trick us into having a tiramisu (we were too full, but next time!), I hope to see him again when we come back for another special occasion.

Everyone we interacted with was very nice, but kudos to Zeno for being the best!

Overall experience

Sarah drinking a lemon soda.

Sarah drinking a lemon soda.

Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

I really enjoyed our anniversary dinner at Sotto Sotto and I have already defined what I want to try next time.

For our next visit, I think we’ll split the charcuterie platter, split the cacio e pepe and, of course, try the tiramisu that Zeno recommended so much.

In terms of getting a reservation, I couldn’t actually book online, but when I called on a Sunday, I was able to get a reservation for Tuesday, so I’d recommend contacting them direct.

All in all, I completely understand why this is a celebrity hotspot – who knows, maybe we’ll meet Drake next time we’re there!

Sotto Sotto

Price: 💸💸💸

Italian food

Address: 120 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario

Why you should go: To try the fine food that Drake and DJ Khaled can’t get enough of.

Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible



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