Here’s what you’ll find at Gaslight Kitchen Asian Cuisine


With 20 years of experience and 100 dishes on the menu, this sun-drenched corner restaurant has a little something for everyone.

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — There’s no shortage of incredible restaurants in Grand Rapids. But with so many options, how do you choose where to indulge? We, the digital producers of 13 ON YOUR SIDE Riley and Amy, set out to find the tastiest places in the area and are documenting our journey with a series called 13 Eats.

13 Eats is all about showcasing the best restaurants in the Grand Rapids area. This week, we’re going all out with Asian-American specialties at Gaslight Kitchen Asian Cuisine.

About Gaslight Kitchen Asian Cuisine

Gaslight Village in East Grand Rapids is an upscale little slice of heaven, filled with shops, markets, and loads of restaurants. Right in the middle of it all is Gaslight Kitchen Asian Cuisine, a family restaurant serving up Asian-American classics. With 20 years of experience and 100 dishes on the menu, this sun-drenched corner restaurant has a little something for everyone.

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The food

We started our meal with the Combo platter for 2 ($16.25), which is an assortment of entrees including fried dumplings, fried shrimp, egg roll, shrimp toast, fried wontons and bali bali beef. When the platter arrived, we spun it around, taking into account the rotating wheel of fried goodness surrounding the mini grill in the center.

Each of the entrees was better than the last, especially when paired with the platter of dipping sauces on the side. Amy’s favorite was the fried shrimp, which was soft on the inside with a delicious layer of fried goodness. Riley’s, on the other hand, was the fried dumpling, which had a thin layer of crispy coating with a savory mixture of beef and vegetables inside.

To add to the pleasure of this dish, we were able to take the beef skewers and brown them to perfection on the small flame in front of us. The beef skewers were sizzling when we removed them from the heat, with a tender interior and a salty, crispy exterior. We highly recommend ordering this dish to everyone, but especially those with a big appetite.

Then we ate on the beaten egg soup, which comes with their lunchtime specials. And let’s just say this soup was impeccable. Although simple, it was salty, savory and bubbly goodness with delicious bits of golden egg and chives that we know we’ll be craving for many days to come.

By the time our meal arrived, our bellies were already filling. We went with a classic, Sweet and sour chicken, which is served with crab rangoon, eggroll and fried rice ($10.50). The chicken was lightly fried with a tender interior, while the sauce was perfectly balanced and kept us coming back for more. We only got halfway through together before we got too full, but you better bet we packed up the leftovers and enjoyed them just as much the second time around.

►See the full menu here.

The atmosphere

Gaslight Kitchen Asian Cuisine is located around the corner from a nice East GR Strip mall. The exterior is simple and chic, with large, bold windows lining the front. Huge slabs of glass allow light to stream into the restaurant, providing a light and airy atmosphere.

We liked the simple design of the interior, which felt clean and understated and really allowed the food to pop! On top of all that, we really loved the kind and kind staff who helped us serve us loads and loads of delicious food.

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The verdict

Would we recommend this sunny spot in the GR de l’Est? YES. Absolutely, definitely yes. Gaslight Kitchen Asian Cuisine seamlessly blends the classic with the modern, creating a beautifully balanced meal. The prices were good with the giant portions of food offered. All in all, we can feel and taste that everything the restaurant offers is a labor of love. We enjoyed the food and especially loved the creativity of the appetizer, which allowed us to be our own sous-chefs.

If you’re looking for a place that serves up big flavors on a budget, you’ve found the holy grail in this small but mighty restaurant tucked away in a brick building on the corner of Wealthy and Lovett.

►Gaslight Kitchen Asian Cuisine is located at 2128 Wealthy Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

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