Here’s how Gympass offers businesses a smart and easy way to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of their employees.


Mental, emotional, physical and health issues have come to the fore for both business leaders and workers. We have learned some hard lessons during the Covid-19 epidemic. Life is short, frail and precious.

The effects of nearly two years after a massive global virus outbreak have left people depressed, addicted to drugs and alcohol. Stress and anxiety contributed to people overeating and sitting on the couch watching Netflix. While many bought Peloton bikes, there were many people who led sedentary lifestyles.

The pandemic has made us think deeply about our work and our lives. The “Great Resignation” movement illustrates this state of mind. Workers abruptly quit their jobs when they feel they are not being treated or paid fairly. Now we feel like we collectively want to change our lives.

With an ongoing “war for talent” coupled with the “big resignation”, companies face desperate attempts to attract, recruit, onboard and retain workers. Additionally, business leaders need to help their employees cope with stress, anxiety, feelings of isolation, depression, and other challenges associated with a dreaded illness.

According to the nonprofit Mental Health America, “19.00% of adults suffer from a mental illness. Equivalent to more than 47 million Americans ”, and “4.55% have severe mental illness.” Almost 8% of U.S. adults reported having had a substance use disorder in the past year, about 3% reported having an illicit drug use disorder, and about 6% reported that they suffered from an alcohol-related disorder. Substance use disorders range from 6.34% in Texas to 13.01% in the District of Columbia.

Businesses have come to realize that they need to act quickly. You can’t run a successful business if your employees are hurting, hurting, and not being looked after. Finding ways to help workers deal with mental health issues effectively has become a top priority.

To learn more about how companies can vigilantly care for and help their employees improve their overall health, I spoke with Nikki Salenetri, vice president of personnel at Gympass, a leading provider of well -be in business. His company offers commercial access to Gympass as a benefit that improves the lives of its employees.

Gympass is a business-to-business platform. This means that companies will pay for the app, which in turn will give their workers access to a wide range of wellness programs around the world, including gyms, studios, yoga, and online videos. which workers can attend together. Member companies can help their team explore more than 600 businesses in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Employees have over 50,000 studios worldwide and over 100 different wellness apps to choose from that will help improve their overall mental, physical and emotional health.

The goal of the Director of Human Resources is to help foster a healthier and more engaged workforce. Current corporate clients run the gamut, including big Spanish bank Santander, management consulting firm Accenture, Unilever, KPMG and McDonalds, Google and Morgan Stanley.

Salenetri thinks it’s clearer than ever that companies need to invest in programs that support their employees. She says improving mental health requires a 360 approach, which is why Gympass offers its corporate members access to well-known brands such as Calm, Lifesum, Barry’s, Gold’s Gym, Soulcycle, F45 and Crunch Fitness. .

The investment community also believes this space is ripe for long-term growth. Gympass recently raised $ 220 million in a funding round led by existing investor SoftBank Group Corp, other venture capitalists and investors, bringing the startup’s valuation to $ 2.2 billion.

Salenetri points out that in addition to the health benefits, access to wellness programs serves as a smart recruitment and retention tool. There are over 10 million jobs open and it is difficult to fill them. Businesses use all kinds of means to get people to join their business and have to work hard to keep them.

Salenetri argues that companies that compete with each other to attract and retain top talent can offer these benefits as an incentive. Providing access to online workouts encourages camaraderie in an environment where people work virtually and struggle with a sense of isolation. When employees have a close-knit group of co-workers, they tend to stay in organizations longer.

Walmart, Target, and Amazon offer free tuition. Restaurants and fast food chains are raising wages and offering sign-up bonuses. Remote and hybrid work options are on offer, as surveys show employees will quit if they are forced to return to an office every nine to five, five days a week.

Cesar Carvalho, co-founder and CEO of Gympass, said: “Similar to the hybrid work model that many have adapted due to the pandemic, we are seeing a similar trend in fitness and wellness.”

He added, “Now people are mixing in-person visits to gyms and boutique studios with digital, using meditation apps, nutrition offerings, in addition to other wellness offerings on the web. Gympass platform. We have seen with our own eyes that this is a change that will continue in the future, and we look forward to expanding our reach and services to continue to support the general well-being of the people.


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