Guinness Nigeria soft drinks get halal recertification


Guinness Nigeria Plc has confirmed that its signature non-alcoholic malt drink, Malta Guinness, has been recertified by Jaiz International Halal Certification Limited (JIHCL) as Halal and hygienically approved for consumption.

This comes after the Halal regulator confirmed that Guinness Nigeria has continued to meet all requirements to ensure annual recertification of all its alcohol-free brands.

During the JIHCL team reception at the company’s headquarters in Lagos, Managing Director Baker Magunda noted that management is pleased to work with the Halal Oversight Committee to ensure the continued recertification of the Malta Guinness drink. and other non-alcoholic beverages. extensive portfolio brands.

“As expected by JIHCL, our company has continued to ensure that all of our brands, especially soft drinks, continue to meet the standards of healthy and sustainable consumer trends around the world,” Magunda said.

The JIHCL has revalidated the certificate of confirmation of the Guinness drink of Malta as Halal and hygienically approved for consumption and the certificate of authorization to continue using the Halal logo on Guinness Nigeria non-alcoholic brands.

Confirming the recertification, lead auditor, Jaiz International Halal Certification Limited (JIHCL), Dr. Abdullahi Shuaib, noted that recertification audit processes at factories were very rigorous with due diligence as part of efforts to ensure that aspects that were pending during initial certification have now been verified and meet international standards.

“The Shariah Advisory Board is pleased to recertify Guinness Nigeria based on reports from the audit process which showed that Malta Guinness is Halal and meets international requirements to be certified. The main requirements confirmed that Malta Guinness


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