Grenache Wine Bar


Grenache is an elegant wine bar and casual restaurant in Cowes, a hundred yards from the seafront.

It’s a clean, sleek space with glossy white walls and all-black accents. Ornate ceiling beams frame the long, ceilinged room; Back on the ground, the bar in the middle of the space divides Grenache into two zones – a relaxed front zone and a rear dining zone.

There are over 100 bottles of gin behind the bar, with local manufacturers and foreign players also represented. If you’re looking to try a local gin, try The Weaver by Gippsland’s Loch Brewery. After something further? Mariposa gin from Germany, quite difficult to find in Australia, sells well here.

All the classic cocktails are here, but if you’re a game, we recommend a Shelley Surprise (named after – and probably made by – owner Shelley Muller). If you don’t like it, you won’t have to pay for it.

On the wine side, there are representatives from most of the major Australian regions. There are also plenty of wines from overseas that will compete for your attention.

The wines on the menu take on their full meaning when paired with dishes from the menu to share. Smaller dishes include calamari and chorizo ​​with aioli; eggplant wedges; and mozzarella with roasted tomatoes, mint and gremola. The larger plates are also of Spanish influence: the grilled snapper with chorizo ​​and the steak with patatas bravas are particularly popular.


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