Glasgow rum brands you should try


We started to notice a recurring theme while chatting with some of the city’s most savvy drink connoisseurs.

While gin has been in the spotlight as a favorite product for local distillers to experiment with over the past few years, nowadays all talk has turned to a spicier, sweeter drink.

Is it time for rum to take center stage?

Turns out our Fair Town is home to a number of local brands that just might convince you to step away from your standard G&T.

Read a roundup of our favorites below.

Brass neck

This rum company was founded by three residents of Shawlands in December 2020.

They say their rum is “infused with a unique selection of herbs including tonka beans, aromatic orange peels, nettles and Scottish thistles” for a distinctly Scottish twist.

Read our full interview with the founders here.

Wester Distillery

Presenting itself as a ‘pragmatic spirit’, the Wester Distillery can be found on Meadow Road in the West End.

The small team pride themselves on handling everything that goes into the rum-making process, from sourcing to bottling.

Not only does their chocolate flavored rum taste delicious in a White Russian, it’s also made from cocoa shells from Bare Bones Chocolate, which is another small business here in Glasgow.

Sugar House Rum

The producers of ‘Glasgow Original Rum’ Sugar House Rum say: ‘We make all of our rum on the outskirts of Glasgow using premium cane molasses, naturally sweet Scottish water and distillery yeast’.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not their Scotch Bonnet Rum which is infused with spicy chili for an unbeatable kick.

The Glasgow Distillery Company

While this company sells a variety of spirits, it was their Banditti Club Spiced rum that earned it a spot on the list.

Made from ‘rum distilled from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice on the island of Madeira’, which is then spiced and aged in oak barrels in Glasgow for up to 12 months, it’s no wonder that it received the bronze award for the best spiced rum in the world. Rum prices in 2020.

The Company of Jacobite Spirits.

The Jacobite Spirit Company was founded by a group of friends from Glasgow in 2018.

Their strong belief in the DIY way of working has resulted in wonderful creations like their Charlie’s Chopper Raspberry Cranachan Spiced Rum.

Excited about keeping things local, they said, “All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced and where possible, as close to us as possible.

“Everything you see when you look at our rum is sustainably sourced, including the bottle itself, which is made in Scotland. ”

Island slice

Granted, Island Slice is produced just outside of Glasgow in Dumbarton, but we include it in our list thanks to their powerful history and wide range of different rums, from dark to light or even a pre-rum punch. mixture.

Read our full interview with founder Sylvester Herman here.

* Remember to always drink responsibly


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