Get your Serbian fix at these eight meaty establishments in Malta


With roots firmly in Greek, Turkish and even Mediterranean culinary tradition, Serbian cuisine has a long history of making people smile – and for good reason.

With a vibrant and ever-growing Serbian community thriving in Malta, it was only a matter of time before delicious Balkan dishes were popping up across the island.

With a heavily meat-based cuisine, Serbian cuisine is both hearty and cheap – but where do you go to be greeted by all this meaty goodness?

Here are eight Serbian restaurants you need to check out in 2022.

1. Familija Serbian Restaurant

St Paul’s Bay

This place is well known for its excellent service and friendly staff, having been highly rated on most mainstream platforms.

Serbian traditional cuisine is what you want? Traditional Serbian cuisine is what you will get at Familija Serbian.

They have lots of grilled meats such as minced meat rolls and skewers, grilled fish, goulash and muckalica (slow cooked pork steak and vegetable stew).

2. Domaci Kolaci


Domaci Kolaci is a nice little place in Birkirkara specializing mainly in sweets. The owner, Jovana, is of Serbian origin but married to a Maltese. The two run the joint together, without any additional staff, so Jovana has created a nice family atmosphere.

Boasting the best Serbian pastries in Malta, Jovana’s favorite choices for her customers are Börek, a filled pastry made from a thin flaky pastry such as filo with a variety of fillings, such as meat, cheese, spinach or potatoes and ‘vanilla slice’.

“People from all over come especially for these sweets,” Jovana told Lovin Malta.

3. Tasty trailer


Meat is definitely on the menu at Tasty Trailer, Ta’ Xbiex. The place boasts of their famous “1 kilo of mixed meat”, ideal for both indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Some have even referred to it as the ‘best serbian burger‘ they ever had.

Lovin Malta visited Tasty Trailer on an episode of Lovin Eats – check it out below:

4. Smajli Restaurant

St Paul’s Bay

With a slogan ‘two girls and lots of smiles’, Smajli’s restaurant sits off St Paul’s Bay and is run by two girls who met while on a cruise while working there. The girls, roommates at the time, stopped over in Malta and decided to start their culinary project here.

Although not a classic ‘kafana’ in the traditional sense, the owners have applied a more modern touch to the restaurant by infusing their jovial spirit with the famous hospitality that their country is so well known for.

The menu of the establishment offers a wide range of traditional Serbian dishes and also includes generous salads, as well as vegetarian dishes.

5. Papricica

St Paul’s Bay

Papričica is where you want to be if what you want is traditional Serbian street food. This restaurant offers some of the best you can find at the top of the island.

With massive portions of beef and chicken, Papričica is definitely a home for big eaters (example: the author of this article is one of them).

6. Nasa Kafana

St Paul’s Bay

“Spirit of the Balkans” in the Mediterranean, Nasa Kafana is a traditional “kafana”, found in St Paul’s Bay; you can call it a Serbian version of a resto-bar.

Generous portions, impeccable presentation and a hub where all of the epic meat delicacies can be gathered under one roof, along with a few drinks.

7. Sremica Restaurant


And what about the south? Restauran Sremica has you covered all along Marsaskala.

We serve Serbian cuisine with dishes made with our own love and care.

You can get all your traditional dishes sitting peacefully by the sea with the establishment’s accordionist who offers you a traditional and relaxed atmosphere.

8. Paprika


Serbian cuisine meets gastronomy, Paprika is a Balkan fusion restaurant offering typical Balkan dishes presented with a progressive touch that awakens all the senses.

With its sophisticated interior design, excellent service and fine cuisine, Paprika is a perfect location for any premier event…

…and a good place for a date too.

Whether you’re looking for a quick burger, a platter of divine meat dishes, or a fancy night out, Serbian cuisine may be what you’re looking for – don’t forget to bring napkins.

Are you still hungry? Tag someone who needs to take you on a date to one of these restaurants ASAP

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