Georgine’s Jr. Eatery restaurant closed, but Georgine’s main restaurant will remain open


The location of Georgine’s Jr. which is closing.

Popular Georgine’s Jr. restaurant in Bristol Township is closing on Veterans’ Route (Route 413).

After nearly 30 years, Georgine’s Jr. will be serving her last meal on Sunday.

The larger and more formal Georgine’s Restaurant on Newport Road in the township will remain open. This restaurant has been in business since the Nagle family opened it in 1978.

“Shutting down Georgine’s Jr. was a tough decision, but we felt it was time to focus on our main restaurant during these tough times with limited staff and continued rising food costs that made it difficult to operate. Said Dave Reifsneider, co-owner of the company.

Georgine’s Jr. did well during the pandemic, but staff issues and fluctuating food prices led management to focus solely on their main restaurant, Reifsneider explained.

A hot job market has led to staff shortages in some companies and has forced some employers to offer pay increases and incentives to retain and hire staff. Food prices have increased due to inflation and supply chain issues, causing headaches for restaurants.

Georgine’s Jr. was known for their walk-in style of service. The restaurant switched to take-out service during the pandemic.

Georgine’s Jr. was popular for its fair prices and hearty meals.

“We have always tried to give our customers great food at reasonable prices and value for their hard earned money. We can no longer do this under current market conditions,” said Reifsneider.

Rumors about the closure of Georgine’s Jr. have circulated on social media in recent days. The restaurant confirmed the news on Thursday.

“I’m sorry to hear that. If I didn’t want to cook, I would have dinner at Georgine’s Jr. I will miss the restaurant. The lobster bisque soup was very good. Thank you,” wrote a customer on the networks. social.

“My family will miss you. You’ve been our go-to when we wanted a great meal at a great price. Thank you for all these years that you have been there for us. Sorry to see you go. God bless you all, ”said another customer.

“We like the people who have always come to Georgine’s Jr. for a meal during lunchtime or on the way home from work. We hope they keep coming to the original Georgine’s restaurant, ”said Reifsneider.

No staff member will lose their jobs as they are needed to fill positions at Georgine’s restaurant, Reifsneider said.

Georgine Restaurant on Newport Road.

Both sites are owned by management. Reifsneider said the Georgine’s Jr. location is expected to be marketed and may be sold.

However, Reifsneider said he has potential ideas for Georgine’s Jr.’s location if it doesn’t sell. After the end of the year holidays, he will have more time to think about his future.

“At the moment, nothing is out of place,” he said.

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