From waffles to biryanis, the best restaurants in and around VIP Road must be tried


VIP Road in Visakhapatnam is an integral part of connecting bustling commercial areas, such as Rama Talkies and Maddilapalem, to other residential and commercial areas, such as Dutt Island and Ram Nagar. Apart from the number of shopping malls, one can find a number of restaurants in and around VIP Road. The restaurants at VIP Road cover a wide range of culinary delights ranging from Indian cuisine to continental cuisine.

Here is the list of 9 restaurants in and around VIP Road that you should not miss.

#1 Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Tycoon

Tycoon is a multi-cuisine restaurant well known for its king-size buffet breakfast. Owned by one of Vizag’s oldest hotel groups, Daspalla Hotels, Tycoon is a household name among Vizagites. This hotel is adored by all the seafood lovers in town for their Chilli Prawns, Ginger Prawns, Tikka Fish, and Schezwan Lobster. It also satisfies vegetarian cravings with its South Indian specialty Vegetable Chow Chow, Bisi Bele Bath and Spring Rolls. Not to mention the wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries rich in flavor. Pongal filled with hot ghee is a staple as part of the breakfast buffet.

#2 Blind Chemistry

Blind Chemistry is one of the newly established restaurants in Visakhapatnam, located near VIP Road. They serve a wide range of pizzas, pastas, burgers and sandwiches. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Paneer Makhani Pizza, Peri Peri Chicken Pizza, and Shrimp Pasta are some of the crowd favorites. Blind Chemistry also serves the famous Mexican dish Quesadillas. If you’re a chocolate lover, the chocolate mousse crumble, nutella pancakes, dark chocolate milkshake and hot chocolate will satisfy your cravings. Not to mention the Iced Watermelon Latte and Lemon Grass Lemonade to refresh your stomach.

#3 Fresh choices

Fresh Choice is one of Vizag’s oldest and most popular bakeries. This food chain has several branches across the city, one of which is located near VIP Road. Fresh Choice is famous for its artistic novelty cakes. Rainbow Pastry, Chocolate Truffle Pastry, and Red Velvet Pastry are some of the popular choices. One must also try the wide range of tea cakes and macrons available here. Besides cakes and desserts, Fresh Choice also serves a wide range of sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and appetizers. Caramel Milkshake, Iced Tea and Virgin Mojito are worth trying in the drinks section.

#4 Somaa

Offering the best mix of food, drink and music, Somaa is a resto-bar located on VIP Road. Bringing a great atmosphere that is much loved by its customers, the main highlights of this place include live cooking, energetic acts performed by the live band and a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. With a lunch buffet offering delights throughout the week, one can also opt for take-out. If you are vegetarian and planning to dine at this place, you can order their spicy Paneer Tikka and Paneer Lazeez Biryani. For non-vegetarians, the juicy Mutton Fry Biryani and Mughlai Zafrani Biryani are a must. Chinese entrees such as Hunan chicken are a good side dish to try with drinks. Other than that, they serve a wide variety of pizzas, pastas, burgers, and sandwiches.

#5 Myz-Uno Brewery

10 famous restaurants in and around VIP Road

Clink your glasses at the Myz-Uno Brew Pub, which features a fancy dining room, kids’ zone and live pizza counter. With family tables on one side and party tables by the dance floor, this pub is a must visit place in Vizag. Catering to all food and drink lovers, the bar is most popular for its Belgian-themed microbrewery. Besides fresh beer, wines imported from Spain, Italy and France promise a treat for anyone looking for exotic flavors. An on-site DJ will have you dancing to rock music on the dance floor. The availability of a large screen for broadcasting live matches makes it one of the best places for sports fans. Try Belgium Wheat Beer’s signature flavors, Golden Trigo and Myz Uno Royal Flush, featuring seasonal flavors. The cuisines here take you on a journey through seven Indian states ranging from the Nawabi delicacies of Telangana to Rajasthani food worthy of the Maharajas.

#6 Iron Hill

10 famous restaurants in and around VIP Road

Freshly brewed drinks, such as ciders, lagers, ales and ales, as well as food from five different cuisines promise a treat for beer connoisseurs. Iron Hill concocts raw materials from Germany and brews its drinks with seasonal fruits in different fusions. With plenty of takers for its mango cider, Iron Hill’s menu features a diverse mix of cuisines from continental to local gourmet.

#7 Spicy Place

10 famous restaurants in and around VIP Road

Located in one of Siripuram’s quieter lanes, The Spicy Venue spans two levels of the building. As the name suggests, the restaurant is famous for serving spicy dishes. Popular for its delicious South Indian cuisine, the menu also consists of a wide variety of dishes from North Indian and Chinese cuisines. The place specializes in serving a myriad of Andhra specialties prepared in the traditional way, of which a few dishes such as Ulavacharu Mutton Biryani, Natu Kodi Iguru and Bommidala Pulusu stand out. The Vegetarian Thali also has plenty to offer with 14 different platters served for lunch and dinner throughout the week. The MLA Potlam Biryani, which is a pulao of kheema and prawns wrapped in an omelet, is the restaurant’s signature dish. Finally, the creamy apricot delight should not be missed after a masala-heavy meal at the Spicy Venue.

#8 Paradise

Spread over two floors, the aroma at the entrance to paradise reminds you of the flavor-rich Hyderabadi Biryani. With the take-out counter on the ground floor, the top floor can comfortably accommodate 200 people in a spacious area. The menu offers a wide range of aromatic biryanis, mouth-watering curries and Indian breads. Murgh Musallam, a spicy minced chicken and lamb curry with boiled egg, Paradise Special Mutton, boneless mutton served in a butter and tomato sauce are their specialties. The Double-Ka-Meetha, a bread pudding dessert, and the Qubani-Ka-Meetha, a baked apricot dessert, are not to be missed.

#9 The Belgian Waffle Company

The heavenly scent of the bakery, the happy atmosphere and the funky decor will lift your spirits, every day. Fresh from the waffle maker, the soft, crunchy and warm waffles, with deliciously delicious toppings and toppings, are a must if you have a cozy nook for a sweet evening snack. And as if all that wasn’t enough, the place offers fun board games to keep customers entertained while their waffles are being baked. The Naked Nutella Waffle is an all time favorite with Nutella sandwiched between two waffle wedges. The Chocolate Overload Waffle is a special recommendation for chocolate lovers. The salted caramel banana waffle, with banana slices dipped in salted caramel, makes an interesting combination.


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