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Fyshwick’s newest restaurant will make you say: are you eating cereal?

In a pocket of Fyshwick’s Dairy Road breakfast food gets all the love. Or, to be precise, cereal.

Inside SUNY cereal bar, (pronounced ‘sunny’), a striking wall of hyper-colorful cereal boxes forms the backdrop for what, at first glance, might be a Melbourne-style wine bar if you know it yourself. And that’s kind of the point.

“I see it as kind of a wine bar, but for cereal,” says SUNY founder Suny, who wanted to bring a new take on the types of granola bars people might have visited overseas.

“These always seem to have a stoner vibe – video games and a couch kind of thing,” he explains. Not at SUNY.

Instead, Suny says the focus will be on an “organized” experience with “the perfect spoon, the perfect bowl, refrigerated milk at the perfect temperature”. And of course, the perfect cereal.

When SUNY opens this Friday, December 3, visitors will be able to choose from a cereal menu featuring a comprehensive list of international and Australian brands, including what childhood dreams are made of (and the nightmares of sugar-phobic parents. ). Think: Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms, Reese’s Puffs, and Cookie Crisp (to answer your question, yes, the cereal chunks are tiny chocolate chip cookies).

Crispy cookie.

Of course, there will also be other natural choices, such as Corn Flakes and a range of mueslis. Dietary needs will also be taken into account, with gluten-free options available.

Cereal orders will come with choice (perfectly chilled) milk, ranging from oat and nut milks from Minor Figures to Bonsoy, and cow’s milk from neighboring Fyshwick Canberra Milk.

But if you thought the focus on the cereal was cute, wait until you see the location.

Housed in a redeveloped walkway station in the booming Dairy Road neighborhood, SUNY refreshed the industrial exterior with a splash of blue and yellow, but kept the smoked glass front of the fishbowl.

The result is decidedly playful, ensuring that curiosity will be piqued from a distance. It is also decidedly small, with only three by three meters of space to play indoors. But it suits Suny perfectly.

“I’ve been to Japan a few times and it made me think of space differently: seeing those tiny Shibuya bars that measure one meter by one meter but manage to seat three people. So I thought, “I’ll make it work.”

Lucky Charms.

As to why a cereal wine bar instead of, say, a wine bar, Suny says nostalgia plays a big part.

“Cereals are so unique – each box has its own story, story and nostalgic value. There are few things that bring so much emotion. It’s interesting to see people looking at the great cereal wall that we have – everyone always has a story attached to a cereal box. “

There are also more pragmatic elements at play.

“My personal experience is that I eat a lot of cereal,” Suny laughs. “I don’t eat it for breakfast, I eat it at 2pm for a cheeky pick-me-up.”

There will also be a SUNY blue sweet serve on the menu – with a sprinkle of cereal, of course – and dinner-style coffee.

SUNY’s focus might be downright on the most important meal of the day, but hopefully that’s not literal for the guests as SUNY will have nightly hours of operation on Fridays and Saturdays as well as plans for openings “all day” on Sundays.

Our prediction? This summer’s most Instagrammable destination has arrived.

Have milk?

Crunchy cookies.


What: SUNY cereal bar
When: Opening December 3
Where: City of Dairy Road, Fyshwick
Instagram: @sunycerealbar

Photos courtesy of SUNY Cereal Bar


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