First Annual SWFL Food Truck Wars Brings Residents, Local Restaurants To Eat And Entertain


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Dozens of food trucks were stationed at the German-American club Saturday afternoon for the first annual SWFL Food Truck War.

It’s all benefiting a few local charities with high-profile meals.

“We came out three months ago deciding that we wanted to do something and give back to some charities,” said Jason Jakus, event coordinator at Food Truck Wars.

For the first time, it’s a food battle in Cape Town.

“We wanted to put on something big, something bold, something a lot of people would appreciate. I think food trucks are something we all love, so that’s what we did.

A total of 34 food trucks specializing in just about every type of food your taste buds could dream of. Cheese curds, giant hot dogs and yes, even imperial rolls. But not just any spring rolls….

“I take dishes from all over the world and infuse them into tons of crispy won and take them to serious heights.”

Meet Chris Brown – the head chef, mastermind and emcee behind the World Famous Egg Food Truck.

“I make chicken hibachi steak and egg fried rice roll, I make egg lasagna rolls,” says Brown. “I’ve taken out Cuban at Cuban at Proteca Palooza. I do the Italian sausage and it’s also an award-winning egg roll. Has taken out 34 Italian restaurants. There’s Italian sausage, peppers and onions, pasta Alfredo.

But the throngs of people queuing don’t just line up so their taste buds can be taken to new destinations. Oh no, it’s a complete world famous experience.

“It’s about commitment — it’s not about sitting there and taking people’s money and making them regular food,” Brown said. “No, I have to step up to the plate because my food is at such a high level that the customer service and experience has to match it. It’s a challenge. anime “…I even rap! You need to hear me rap too.”

And if you couldn’t already tell, Brown takes pride in his work. In fact, he didn’t even go to school for what he does.

“I have like a super power. I’m like an X-Men and my power is to infuse flavors. I can take these sauces and spring rolls and enhance them to some degree or level and it’s just amazing. It’s not school, it’s just in my heart to do this.

And Brown isn’t just here to feed hungry bellies…he’s here to earn it all.

“The championship truck will be in front of City Hall tomorrow,” he said. “I’ll be in the truck! We’ll be live, we’ll be crunk, we’ll be eating good food – I’ll see you tomorrow right in front of City Hall. Cape Coral, get out!”

Today’s recipes SWFL Food Truck Wars will go to three different local charities. Organizers say they plan to hold a second annual event next year.


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