Fall River Primo Bartending School prepares pop-up restaurant in Berkley


FALL RIVER – A local caterer and bartender school will host a series of dinners at a pop-up Italian restaurant in Berkley this fall and winter.

“We are trying to create something that has never been done before,” said Shannon Raposo, co-owner of Primo Hospitality. “We try to mix the school and our catering services.

Raposo and his partner, co-owner James Primo, are planning a series of almost weekly dinners starting Friday, October 15 in a greenhouse in Complete EnVision Farm, a horse farm in Berkley.

Dinners are a way for graduates of their bartending school to gain experience in the field. “Sometimes it’s the baptism of fire when you step into the restaurant industry,” Raposo said.

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Many of their recent graduates are over 30 and have come looking for new careers during the pandemic. This will give them something to put on their resume when looking for a job in their new field.

Part of the fare Party with Primo served at a previous event.

“We love our graduates and we just want to bring them out during this crazy time,” Raposa said.

Part of the fare Party with Primo served at a previous event.

And that way, restaurant and bar managers who come to the dinners can meet staff they can eventually hire.

“You can quit the job fair,” she said.

Primo graduates will prepare signature cocktails

Graduates will design signature cocktails for the event. Besides a bar, dinners will include a fusion of Italian and Portuguese dishes from the catering company. Reservations are $ 10 per person and the prix fixe menu is $ 29.99 per person. The profits will be donated to the charity association of the catering company, Driving mistletoe shoes, which collects shows for children in need.

Part of the fare Party with Primo served at a previous event.

Pop-up coincides with Christmas trees on the farm

Dinners will run until mid-December, when the farm will be filled with Christmas trees that it sells during the season.

“It looks like a Hallmark movie. It’s adorable, ”Raposa said.

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