Experience the best of Nikkei cuisine with Henshin at Dashanzi this week


Jakarta’s tallest rooftop bar takes over Dashanzi, featuring the best of Nikkei cuisine, a bold fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors alongside eclectic cocktails from Henshin.

Try the best of Nikkie cuisine at Hensin at Dashanzi:

Dashanzi is a progressive Asian restaurant and one of the best gin bars in India with stunning sea views. Catering to all the senses, the restaurant offers you an energetic pop-up showcasing a bold fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine with an eclectic range of cocktails from Henshin, Jakarta’s tallest rooftop bar. The pop-up is scheduled until May 29, 2022 and is expected to offer an electrifying resto-bar experience with a special menu for its customers.

Dashanzi’s Head Chef, Chef Rohit Chadha brings his wealth of experience, spanning over a decade, of the finer nuances of Asian cuisine. Chef Rohit collaborates with chef Juan Carlos de Henshin, who specializes in Nikkei cuisine and offers a menu specially designed for Indian connoisseurs. The pop-up features drinks concocted by Henshin’s head mixologist, Jakaria Yahya (Jaka), and they’re as beautiful as they are sweet on the taste buds.


With a touch of Chef Juan’s originality and Chef Rohit’s local knowledge, guests can indulge in an array of authentic Nikkei signatures with the specially curated menu. It includes delicacies like Tuna Foie Gras (made with tuna, teriyaki sauce and seared foie gras), Henshin Roll (crispy shrimp, avocado, piece of crab, unagi, ikura), to Concha, Verduras Robata, Kare Chicken Ramen and Salmon Al Miso among others.


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