Evergreen restaurateur involved in serious car crash


EVERGREEN, Colo .– A restaurant in Evergreen is closed indefinitely after the owner was in a serious car accident on Sunday.

Mandi Evans is co-owner of Elk Meadow Eatery and Market at Evergreen. After celebrating the holidays with her family early on Saturday, she was driving to her boyfriend’s house on Sunday night when she pulled off the road for unknown reasons and was thrown from the vehicle.

Cossandra Evans told Denver7 that her sister was only a minute away from home and that she was generally very diligent about wearing seat belts, but did not wear one overnight. ‘accident.

Mandi Evans’ boyfriend is a fire captain at Evergreen. He heard the call and was the first to arrive at the scene.

“We had all the tough conversations with his doctors and figured out what his situation was like, and there is no brain activity,” Cossandra said.

The family are now preparing to say goodbye to the mother of two and owner of the restaurant, who is remembered for her generosity and selflessness.

“He’s the most generous and selfless person I know,” Cossandra said. “It’s amazing the outpouring of the community, the number of people who come and share with us the impact it has had on them.”

She said Mandi was always looking for ways to help others and provided food for many. Cossandra even sometimes wondered how her sister stayed in business because she was so generous. During the pandemic, when the restaurant had to close, Cossandra Evans says her sister even turned the restaurant into a makeshift classroom for a while to help students learn from a distance.

She isn’t sure the restaurant will ever reopen without her sister. Outside the Elk Meadow Restaurant and Market on Thursday, the doors are locked and a single bouquet of flowers is placed on a picnic table outside.

With the restaurant closed, the family started a GoFundMe account to help him pay for his medical bills and to provide for the needs of Mandi’s sons, seven and nine.

“They don’t quite get it, but they each treat things in their own way and they are really struggling,” Cossandra said. “They’re going to do it. I mean, it’s Christmas for the rest of their lives.”

So far, over $ 50,000 has been raised, testifying to the impact it has had on the community. In the comments, some have spoken of her selfless spirit, while others have spoken of her delicious green chili.

Even as the family prepares to say goodbye, they say Mandi is still giving generosity to others by donating her organs. They try to honor this generous spirit by finding good in tragedy.

“It’s our worst nightmare, but what’s a devastating Christmas for us is going to turn into a Christmas miracle for several other families, and it’s just the best thing we can find in all of it, and I know that that’s what she would like, ”Cossandra said.

Mandi’s sister now encourages everyone to wear their seat belts, even for the shortest car trips. She also encourages families to take the time to kiss and appreciate each other, especially during the holidays, and to be kind to others.

“We could all use a little bit of it,” Cossandra said. “She was a spitfire, she was fiery and she loved fiercely.”


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