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On Thursday, the West Bengal government announced the lifting of the nighttime curfew during the Durga Puja festivities in October, while extending other restrictions related to the pandemic until October 30. Shortly after, on Friday, the Calcutta High Court ruled that the Puja pandals will need to be dealt with as containment areas and visitors will not be allowed to enter inside. CT interviewed people from all sections to find out their reactions …

Are young people happy?

Honors history student Pritilata Dolui is happy that the nighttime curfew has been lifted during the holiday season. “This nighttime curfew prevents us from having addas until late at night. Durga Puja is the only time we meet our friends, who are otherwise busy all year round. Fortunately, we can now have a house party with our close friends because the pandal jump doesn’t make sense in the pandemic, ”she said. Much like Pritilata, Dishani Paul, a sophomore animation and filmmaking student, said, “Finally, we can let go during the Puja. We will drive around the city to soak up the Puja spirit. However, Somdutta Gupta, a second-year Honors Bachelor of Education student, did not support the idea of ​​lifting the nighttime curfew. “As it is, people don’t wear masks and ‘social distancing‘ seems to be a long forgotten word. Prevention is better than cure. I’m glad that due to HC’s orders people won’t be able to get into the pandals. It would be like inviting the third wave, ”Somdutta said.

Restaurant owners hope

While restaurant owners are happy that the nighttime curfew has been lifted during the Puja, they are not yet sure if the government is making hours more flexible. “It’s good to hear that the restrictions were lifted during Durga Puja. However, the hotel and restaurant sector does not yet have any details on the schedules. However, we hope that we will be allowed to operate until late to make up for the losses we have suffered for over a year and a half, ”said Sohon Saha, in a pub in the city. Swastik Nag from another resto-bar in Calcutta is also not clear on the restaurant’s hours during Durga Puja. “We want clarification on this from the government soon,” he said.

Celebrities speak

Actress Sauraseni Maitra will be missed by Durga Puja in Calcutta as she travels to Mumbai for work engagements. “I hope people act responsibly once the nighttime curfew is temporarily lifted because the fear of a third wave is still there,” she said. On the other hand, Gourab Chatterjee is happy with the news and wants to make the most of it during this period. “We wait for Durga Puja all year round and now with the lifting of the nighttime curfew people can have fun in a relaxed way but obviously keeping COVID standards in mind,” he said.


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