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THE 6JMS Drunken Dragons earned their 180th SEDA Bud Light League Division A win by beating Tambayan 101 Proofers 11-6 on Monday at Tambayan Resto Bar & Grill.

Both teams gave it their all in the first two games of the night. Nestor Abing was the first to draw blood for the 101 Proofers, but Drunken Dragons Ronald “Chu Papi” Doria and Gigi “Badong” Gatmaitan won their matches to put their team ahead.

Rolly Bermiso then managed to snatch the final round from the 101 Proofers to level the score 2-2.

The two teams remained tied as they split the next two games 1-1.

However, in the Singles Half-It round, the tie was broken. Orly Paconlan of the 101 Proofers won the opener, but Gatmaitan, Doria and Raymond “Yatz” Naluz of the Drunken Dragons pulled off wins that saw their team pull away, 6-4.

The 101 Proofers tried to stay alive by splitting the Partners Crazy Cricket match, but the Drunken Dragons pulled off another 3-1 to seal the 11-6 win.

The winners too

The 6JMS Thunder Darts entered the winner’s circle and defeated Jonny’s Ridin’ Darrty 12-5.

The Thunder Darts entered the game ready and it showed when they quickly established their dominance. Gaius “Relaks” Gille, Bobby “Underdog” De Leon and June “Viper” Orencia took off with a 3-1 run and followed that up with a two-game sweep in the Partners 701 game.

Ridin’ Darrty attempted to fight back, splitting the next game into Half-It singles, but the Thunder Darts responded by earning their second two-game sweep to secure the game victory, 12-5.

The final victory of the evening was won by Bistro D’ Strikers who defeated 6JMS Mafia, 12-5.

The D’ Strikers couldn’t be stopped as they swept the first three games to take a 10-0 lead.

Although the loss was inevitable, the Mafia crumbled and prevented an annihilation.


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