Dinner on site represents more than two-thirds of reopening sales in restaurants


In total, 67.7% of restaurant purchases were made in restaurants in the 12 weeks preceding July 11, compared with 18.7% ordered for delivery and 9.6% ordered for withdrawal.

The report highlights some of the main differences between branded and independent restaurants, with a higher proportion of consumers choosing to eat at independent restaurants (58.5% vs. 46.5%), which helped increase average spend (£ 20.60 vs. £ 18.00).

Dining opportunities remain the most important for both branded and independent restaurants, accounting for almost two-thirds of the total number of visits for each.

Alcoholic beverages are more likely to be purchased in independent restaurants than in branded restaurants, with 42.2% of beverages purchased in independent restaurants being alcoholic, compared to just 15.6% in branded restaurants. However, in independent and branded outlets, non-alcoholic drinks were the first choice of drink.

In addition, independents outperform branded restaurants on all satisfaction ratings.

Independent restaurants score 78% for food freshness, quality and taste, and outperform the market average on all ratings. Branded restaurants underperform the market average in a number of areas including atmosphere, quality of drinks, and friendly service.

Pizza Hut remains the most visited brand with 12% of branded dining opportunities served by group, thanks to its established delivery offering. On the other hand, Nando’s and Wagamama are the next most visited brands.

“Delivery has provided an important lifeline for restaurants over the past 18 months, but with the easing of restrictions, operators will be delighted to see consumers return to on-site dining,” said Katherine Prowse, senior manager of insight at Lumina Intelligence.

“During the 12-week period, independent restaurants led the way in spending and consumer satisfaction, as well as a higher proportion of restaurant visits.

“In particular, the independents obtained strong satisfaction scores for the freshness, quality and taste of the food. Operators can capitalize on this opportunity by highlighting local suppliers on menus and on social media.

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