Diageo India and Natwest among companies offering leave to both parents, regardless of gender


Diageo India and Natwest among companies offering leave to both parents, regardless of gender

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New Delhi: To promote greater gender inclusion, more and more companies are now offering six months leave for both parents. Some of them even call paternity leave “partner-directed” to ensure that it is gender-neutral and can be used by a partner of any gender. The latest to join the list of such companies are Cure.fit and Natwest Group.

Several organizations had previously allowed primary caregivers to take the 26-week childcare leave, breaking down gender binaries. However, the secondary carer sometimes only got paid leave beyond 2 weeks. Leave has been extended to one month in some cases only. However, this seems to be gradually changing.

Now, cure.fit has announced that its existing 6-month maternity and paternity policy will cover non-binary parents. This means that employees opting for parenthood by natural birth, surrogacy or adoption will be eligible for parental leave, regardless of gender. The 6 month break can be followed by flexible work patterns, in case someone wants to continue taking time off.

Similarly, Natwest’s “Partner’s Leave Policy” is also open to same-sex and heterosexual parents and is expected to come into effect from January next year. Natwest will allow employees who have completed six months of service to take up to 12 weeks of paid leave to care for their new child. This would be regardless of whether the child was born through birth, adoption or surrogacy. Previously, the leave quantum was 2 weeks.

“By changing our paternity leave policy to be partner-led, for all genders, we are debunking the social myth that links childcare responsibilities to women. The aim is to enable male colleagues to be an equal partner to their spouse, regardless of gender,” Natwest Group Head (HR – international hubs) Maneesh Menda told ToI.

We also offer the option for partners to take advantage of adoption leave, whether one is a primary or secondary caregiver, Menda added.

Liquor company Diageo India had last year announced a “family leave policy” for all employees eligible for primary and secondary caring relatives. The company grants 26 weeks of parental leave including all the benefits of the policy, which can be used at any time in the year following the reception of the child. Like Cure.fit and Natwest, Diageo’s policy also applies to children born through surrogacy and adoption alongside biological conception.

“By making our policy comprehensive and flexible, the company wants to ensure caregivers can focus on quality time bonding with their children and that responsibilities can be evenly distributed,” a spokesperson said. from Diageo India.

Last year, Cyient announced a 12-week gender-neutral parental leave policy in its offices around the world. Cyient employees, including birth and adoptive parents of any gender, are permitted to take up to 12 weeks of leave on full pay after the birth or adoption of their child.

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