Curfew-breaking drinkers banned Yokosuka town bar from US troops in Japan


Base Bar 894 near Naval Base Yokosuka, Japan is closed until further notice due to multiple curfew violations, Base Commander Capt.Rich Jarrett said on Thursday, November 4, 2021. . (Alex Wilson / Stars and Stripes)

YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan – The base commander has barred uniformed servicemen from accessing a local bar following several occasions when a Navy Coast Patrol found soldiers drinking after cover-ups. fire.

Base Bar 894, in the Wakamatsucho district of Yokosuka town, is banned until further notice, base commander Captain Rich Jarrett said Thursday.

Citing “reports and evidence of illicit activity,” Jarrett said the bar “poses an imminent and substantial risk of harm” to the military.

Active-duty U.S. military personnel are prohibited from consuming alcohol in public off the base between midnight and 5 a.m., according to the U.S. Forces Japan Freedom Order. Bar 894’s ban is limited to uniformed personnel, but Jarrett urged civilians and Navy-affiliated contractors to avoid the establishment as well.

A manager at Bar 894 declined to comment to Stars and Stripes on Thursday.

The ban was also posted on the base’s official Facebook page, where it garnered nearly 40 comments on Friday afternoon.

One commentator alleged that the bar was closing and closing its doors to hide sailors from patrolling ashore. Base spokesman Randall Baucom said on Friday he could not comment on the allegations. He said the “illegal activities” cited by Jarrett refer specifically to the search for sailors inside the past curfew.

Baucom said representatives from the base met with bar owners to discuss limitations on sailors.

“We are making a concerted effort to make sure that if there are any questions about the rules and their application, we have a means of contacting us with any questions – through our legal office, base security or our military liaison.” , he said.

The Bar 894 joins six other establishments deemed forbidden to soldiers in the region. In Tokyo, this list includes The Night Club, Empire Lounge Bar, and Vibrations Bar. In Yokosuka, Mona’s Bar, Manila Vibe, and Sasha Latin Resto Bar are prohibited.

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