Christo’s, McMenamy’s and other restaurants closed


– Group of two for the Gold Room. Group of two for the Gold Room. These words are also known as the Greek salads for which the restaurant was famous.

Christo’s Restaurant, a landmark on the city’s East Side for over 40 years, closed on December 31, 2013.

McMenamy’s Hamburger House in Easton closed in 2014, then Charlie Horse in West Bridgewater closed in 2016. Most recently it was Blooms Pizza in West Bridgewater in 2020.

Some have chosen over the years to give clients advance notice and have special last days, while others quickly decided to quit.

But, whatever the outcome, all customers will have memories to cherish for years to come.

Here are eight popular local restaurants that have closed in the past few years.


When the restaurant announced its closure, customers from afar wondered where in the world they would get their Greek salads from now on. Christo’s closed its doors on December 31, 2013, ending a historic 50-year race. The restaurant was opened in 1964 by Christos Tsaganis, known as the king of Greek salad. He passed away in February 2013, handing over the restaurant to his daughter. They announced their closure in November of the same year and gave customers just over a month to say goodbye. But, luckily, for Christo’s lovers, the restaurant has opened a take-out store in Whitman, selling its most popular items.

McMenamy Burger House

When Brockton-area residents thought of burgers, it was always McMenamy’s in Easton – well, at least for over 60 years. The Route 138 restaurant had housed rectangular beef patties since 1954 when Frank McMenamy opened it as a burger shop. He passed the business on to Al Carter, who started out as a part-time cook and was the husband of his daughter, Nancy Carter. She later became the owner upon the death of her husband and their son, Steve Carter, became the cook. The cozy 32-seat restaurant announced plans to close in April 2014 – and hosted a special final day on June 28, giving patrons one last chance to eat a McMenamy’s burger. The Beanery Café now occupies the site of the former McMenamy’s Hamburgers store.

The waitress puts the closed sign in the window.  McMenamy's Hamburgers in Easton closed on Saturday June 28, 2014.

that of Benjamin

The Taunton restaurant abruptly closed in May 2016, just two months after it went on sale. Benjamin’s opened in 1968, founded by George Benjamin and his brothers. After many decades of success, Benjamin passed away in 2013, leaving the restaurant to his 23-year-old wife, Diane Benjamin. But his children later filed a civil lawsuit, accusing him of “undue influence”, which led to the beginning of the restaurant’s end. The building was demolished in 2016, after new owners could not be found.

Benjamin's restaurant in Taunton is demolished.

Wine & Eddie’s

A staple along Route 18 in Abington for 61 years, Vin & Eddie’s closed in 2016. The family-run Italian restaurant was owned by Vin and Marcia Travi, after being passed down by Vin Travi Sr., who opened the business in 1955. They decided to retire and close the restaurant so that they could travel and spend time with their families. Sorelle Bar and Grille, a modern Italian restaurant, took over in 2017.

Abington's Vin and Eddie's restaurant will close after 61 years in business on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

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Charlie Horse

The news shocked almost everyone. The Charlie Horse, without much warning to employees or customers, announced on Facebook that they were closing their location in West Bridgewater. The restaurant closed in 2016. The closure came just three months after the restaurant celebrated its 25th anniversary. Co-owner Mary Barrett-Costello cited the decline in business and the restaurant’s large location, at 22,000 square feet. Barrett’s Alehouse transformed the restaurant and opened there in 2017.

A sign saying they are closed hangs at the Charlie Horse Gate in West Bridgewater on Monday August 1, 2016.

Bickford grid

The final meal at Bickford’s Grille in Brockton took place on December 30, 2018, as the restaurant served up classic breakfast dishes and fan favorites, including a ‘The Big Apple’ pancake breakfast. It was the end of an era for a family-owned restaurant that opened in 1972 on Oak Street, as part of the once ubiquitous New England creperie chain, which had 70 restaurants at its peak in the years. 90. When the Brockton Restaurant closed, there were only two Bickfords left, in Burlington and Woburn. Tommy Doyle’s Pub and Grill bought Brockton Bickford’s and moved there from a smaller location it operated on the corner of North Pearl Street in 2019.

The Bickford's Grille in Brockton closed its doors on Sunday, December 30, 2018, after a final breakfast, including many

Owen O’Leary’s

Owen O’Leary’s, an Irish pub that has built a loyal following for its warm, wood-paneled, and chic interior, unexpectedly closed on July 6, 2018. Michael’s Plaza restaurant on Belmont Street, near the Easton line, had been open for 26 years. The closure surprised both customers and the owner, Kevin Gill told The Enterprise in 2018. Owen O’Leary’s opened in 1992 at the bend of Belmont Street, serving Irish and American fare and , later, his. craft beers. Brack’s Grille & Tap opened in 2019 in the space vacated by Owen O’Leary’s.

Owen O'Leary's in Brockton on June 26, 2018.

Pizza Flowers

After more than 25 years of activity, Bloom’s pizza closed in 2020. The restaurant, family owned and operated according to its website, abruptly closed its location at 499 W. Center St. Although no reason has been officially given for the closure, a sign hung above the front door showed customers a final goodbye. The business was started by Jim Bloumbas with his brother. Gigi’s Pizza House opened there in January.

Bloom's Pizza, at 499 W. Center Street in West Bridgewater, is closed for business, photographed Tuesday September 1, 2020.

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